Museveni pulls off routine stunt–it wasn’t me

In his song, it wasn’t me, Jamaican born musician, Shaggy narrated how he was caught red-handed cheating but still denied that it wasn’t him. The song rhymes well with President Museveni’s character of always denying responsibility and blaming others. Before taking a swing into Museveni’s previous ‘It wasn’t me, lets start with the recent Miss Curvy fuse.

State minister for Tourism Godfrey Kiwanda launched a national contest of using women as tourism product – for starters, this is one very sick move – and suddenly after national uproar in condemnation of a dehumanizing contest, President Museveni as always twisted it and blamed his Minister simply because things had backfired.

Making a Rolex a tourism product was equally a weak move but since no one condemned it, Museveni decided to take the credit and went in international but what it the public criticized it – definitely Museveni would have blamed someone for it.

Truth is, Museveni always has someone to blame…take a look at the 2018 blames.

• Uganda’s Museveni blames ‘external forces’ for opposition unrest

• Museveni blames police, politicians for death of Bobi Wine’s driver in Arua

• Uganda’s Museveni blames civil society for political unrest

• Museveni: Noisy church to blame for lack of quick action against top cop Kirumira killers

• President Museveni blames EC for mismanaging elections

• Museveni blames Kampala’s mismanagement on the opposition

• President Museveni Blames Lack of Markets, Prof. Mamdani Cautions on Free Market

• Yoweri Museveni blames Kampala traffic jam on rich Ugandans Read more:

• Museveni Blames Abiriga’s Death on Poor State of Road

Let’s start counting the 2019 blames

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