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…more than 20,000 Ugandan youths have been sold to Arabs countries since 2014

… Girls are sold between us$4,000 to us$13,000.

…Girls are sexually assaulted, tortured, killed, body organ extracted and sold.

…MP bribed not to petition parliament to debate the matter year after year.

…Many radio and Tv presenters bribed, threatened and others lost their jobs or programs

…Odrek Rwabogo and Patience Museveni Rwabogo are the masters of the business in Uganda.

…Rwabogo and Patience Museveni control the business with Robert Baldwin through GIM Security Company.

…Robert Baldwin controls the largest human farms in Libya and its World’s No.1 human organs market.

…Kahinda Otafiire is N0.2 in the row in the business through His company Middle East Consultants and earns him a whooping us$ 1.4m monthly.

…LT. Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is No.3 in the body organs, slavery and trafficking business through Security Link Company Ltd much as its believed that even UPDF solders are a victim to this vice.

…Gen Jim Muhwezi is NO.4 through his company, The Eagle’s Supervision Company.

…Rwabogo and Patience Museveni incorporated 114 out of the 184 companies and earn them us$ 10,000. Monthly per company besides organs sold.

…over 15,000 cases none has ever had audience in any courts of law.

…Mulago hospital is the global convergence point for human body organs business.

…Accident causalities especially boda boda riders are common victims of organ extraction


21st MAY 2019








Your Excellency, so much is not discussed openly because of controlled mainstream media. There is growing public concern of members of the first family and top members of the NRA fellowship of their unregulated conduct of selling and enslaving Ugandans in the Arab World.

In 2018, Uganda lost 48 girls who were confirmed dead in Oman, Jordan and Saudi Arabia alone and 81 are still missing but were taken to the above three countries. 97 girls were rescued by their own families after escaping captivity and not a single government official from the Embassies in those countries came out to support.

It is now confirmed that 982 girls were sold between US$4,000 to US$13,000 each 32 were killed out of the 48girls in 2018. These girls are sexually assaulted, tortured and suffered physical injuries and after, body organs are extracted, sold, killed and buried in the desert sand.

Currently, investigations have revealed that since 2014, approximately 18,000 girls and 1,473 boys aged between 18 and 32 who have been helped by relatives and friend to return to Uganda have registered cases with police against labor export agents and agencies but they have met frustrations and death threats instead.

The complainants further petitioned parliament to debate the matter but the debate went cold after the actual players secretly showed their faces to the MPs. Many radio and TV presenters who tried to air out the matter to the public have been bribed, threatened and others have lost their jobs or programs from their stations.

Your Excellency needs to know that most of such radio and TV programs are sponsored by private businesses and brands. Majority of investigative and political programs including news, are sponsored by companies and individuals involved in the human trafficking business.

Your Excellency; Odrek Rwabwogo and Patience Museveni Rwabwogo work with Robert Baldwin one of the top human organs merchants in the world through his company GIM Security. Baldwin’s agents are reported to control one of the largest human farms in Libya which is now ranked as the number one human organs market in the world.

Gen Kahinda Otafire who controls Middle East Consultants located along Tank Hill Road in Muyenga ranks number two in the vice. He is known for commissioning 50% from the gross pay of each worker exported making him earn at least US$1.4M monthly from the human trafficking business. Once a laborer is dismissed from duty in the Middle East, Gen Otaffire’s agency either sells off the laborer to slavers or the laborer’s family is fined by the agency with UGX6 million before the laborer’s address in the Middle East is given to the family for the laborer’s return to Uganda.

Security Link Limited is the third in the row doing exactly as the two above. It is owned by your son, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

The Eagle’s Supervision is run by Gen Jim Muhwezi and it is ranked number four in the row.


Your Excellency, there are 184 companies listed by the government of Uganda and there are 53 others which were closed but the individual agents who were running them are still operating this business illegally.

It is noteworthy mentioning that out of the 184 companies, 114 are directly incorporated by Odrek Rwabwogo and Patience Museveni Rwabwogo who attract from these companies a fee of US$10,000 per month per company.


  1. Using political lenses, this is termed as the worst human rights abuse currently linked to the first family and the top NRA fighters.
  2. Critics are still questioning why out of nearly 15,000 thousand cases reported, not a single agent has been lined in Courts of Laws.
  3. The government has not put up any campaign against human trafficking and even the Ugandan Embassies in these countries have never come out with useful statements or strategies.
  4. It is widely interpreted as a conspiracy against non Bahima since all Bahima travel only for business and corporate jobs
  5. The impunity is known of the first family and the NRA fighters a mantra that is inciting the public against the regime.


This is the largest market for human body organs in Uganda where buyers from all over the world converge for business. The ED Mulago hospital, Dr Byarugaba Baterana is fully conscious of the practice. The key players in this business include;

  1. Moses Katono – Aka Uncle MO
  2. Odrek Rwabwogo
  3. Sam Kahamba Kutesa
  4. Frank Kajiji Tumwebaze
  5. Molly Kamukama
  6. David Bahati
  7. Mugume Elvis
  8. Chris Baryomunsi
  9. Diana Atwine
  10. Twinamasiko Darius
  11. Kajubiri Violet
  12. David Mpungu
  13. Mbibaza Caroline
  14. Gen David Muhoozi
  15. Anatoli Kashakamba
  16. Lubuulwa Davidson

The above team works closely with Bonassim Khalid Musa from Libya and Pelossi Verobon from Italy.

Accident causalities and patients with treatable diseases are the most vulnerable to this syndicate.


  1. The business has anchored deeper than one can ever expect. Uprooting it is next to impossible being that it is currently the most profitable business in the world run by the rich and powerful in government and multinational corporations around the world.
  2. This information once learned of by the general public is going to inflict a devastating political damage to the regime because of the nature of the people involved and the power that protects them in comparison to the anger of disgruntled Ugandans.
  3. The syndicate extends fastest to the Middle East before extending to Europe where the world market is.
  4. Self-enslavement is a sign of hard knock life and also self-hate which is a mirror reflection of hate for the country, the people and the government.
  5. All these complaints are circulating on social media and anger is ever growing. All these are ingredients of a cause to mass protests which may easily culminate into extreme violence.
  6. One girl Justine was hanged in Saudi Arabia by a family which lost a child in a road accident and the blame was cast on this 21year old Ugandan maid whom the family sentenced to death. Uganda government has not said a word much as the entire world is calling for justice for this girl.


Your Excellency, Women and Children are the epicenter for human rights due to their nature which is relatively known of weak self defense. This requires direct involvement by Your Excellency. The entire world is paying attention to these unfolding events vis-a-vis action by the government.

Attached is a list of reported cases and the companies pinned.

More details coming………

*Robert Baldwin and Little Sam using MMS cure concoction to kill churchgoers to boost the human organs business through their trained 1,200 pastors country wide who administer it.

*UPDF Solders who were massacred on Muhoozi’s orders and after organs extracted from their bodies before they were mashed into pieces and dumped in Lake Victoria.