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Calls grow louder for Gen. Museveni to pack his bags

President Museveni.

By Charles Kamya Ssentamu


Gen. Museveni.

Voices have continued to grow for Dictator Museveni to leave power after his 33 years of mismanaging the country.

The latest came from influential and celebrated scholar Prof Yash Tandon, who called time up for his long term friend Yoweri Museveni.

“Mr Museveni, who is a good friend of mine, please let the young generation take over,” said Tandon adding that the time had come for the country to have a new direction, under a new, younger leader.

Museveni has nothing more to offer, said the academic, known to have been a member of the gang of four great Ugandan scholars of all time.

The other members of the “gang” are Prof Edward Rugumayo, the late Prof Omwony Ojok and Prof Dani Wadada Nabudere.

The decorated Ugandan political economist called for the unity of forces from all political actors in the country to have a conversation on the new direction the country has to take.

The Prof’s concerns are not unfounded and he, having been active for over 50 years now, knows exactly what he is talking about.

Prof. Tandon was a founding member of the Uganda National Liberation Front (UNLF), which was founded by progressive Ugandans in a bid to oust Iddi Amin in the late 70s.

Museveni was among them but the calculative, he opportunistically abandoned them after they ousted Amin, and went on to run in the subsequent elections in which he performed dismally.

Museveni has since abandoned the ideals of his colleagues and gone on to preside over the worst dictatorship that even overshadows Amin’s.

The country has “lost direction” under Museveni, as his long time friend diplomatically puts it.

Political assassinations have become the order of the day, so much such that political dissent is now seriously curtailed; the economy is in shambles, corruption has swallowed us up; only his family matters; the list is endless.

But then, the elephant in the room is, will Museveni heed the well-meaning advice from his long-time friend?

Your guess is as good as mine, in fact, the good old Prof should be worried on what might come after him because, the moment you bring up the subject, be assured the paranoid dictator will spare no effort to deal with you.

One can only agree with one part of the advice – which is about the only practical solution to end this junta – to coalesce around a common cause by all political actors, especially those in opposition, to work collectively towards dislodging the demagogue.

We are ready; we just need to be steered in the right direction and most importantly, the youth are now awakened to the Museveni misrule and damage to the nation.