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Continuous persecution of People Power movement members, a louder call to revolution in Uganda

President Museveni and MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobu Wine.

By GLW Reporter

The ongoing mistreatment of People Power supporters, no doubt, has become order of the day in Uganda. However, it is and has given more strength and resolve to members of the opposition whose voices are roaring loudly in the eyes of the oppressors.

The premature death announcement of Anthony Twinomugisha aka Young Bobi, who later was remanded to Luzira (for concocted charges), triggered even more anger as it came in the wake of horrendous murders of people like Dany Kyeyune and Ritah Nabukenya. Dan Kyeyune was shot on 25th of February by a rogue police officer while they were returning from the burial of Ritah Nabukenya a.k.a Priyah who had also been run over by a vehicle of the same brutal and reckless police force.

Prior to that, they were other nine cases of brutality and cold-murders done by the Kampala regime. Of those we also remember, the case of Hakim Ssekamwa knocked down by a police patrol car; Michael Kalinda a.k.a Ziggy Wyne (Kidnapped and murdered); Hannington Ssewakambo a.k.a Sweet Pepsi (battered to death); John Bosco Kibalama (went missing since june 2019 and feared dead) and Lukuma Stephen Salongo who was shot dead in Buvuma in June last year.

Similar cases were registered in 2018, and amongst the victims then was Kalende Yussuf deliberately knocked down by a police truck in Luwero; Vincent Sserugaya; shot dead in Gomba in august; Yassin Kawuma (Personal driver of Robert Kyagulanyi-shot dead in Arua by Museveni’s SFC commandos in August) and Asuman Balyendo shot dead in Bugiri in the same year.

There are several other unreported cases where supporters have been abducted and murdered. In all such cases, there has been a clear lack of interest in conducting investigations by the Ugandan government.

In Uganda the life of a human being is cheaper than that of an animal going by the rate at which people are killed, abducted, tortured or mistreated in a broad day right and all in the deafening silence of the Kampala regime.

What is more shocking is the state of police communiques mostly issued shortly after the incidence with a high level of vilification and denigration as if members of the public are mere voyeurs or people sitting in a cinema hall watching a movie, even when such are open realities against they are brothers, uncles, fathers, mothers, aunties and of sisters.

On the other hand, the repetition of such acts of cowardice by a crumbling regime often lead to strong resolves by members of the public who give their precious lives as an ultimate sacrifice for a better change and a promising future for their children.

Popular resistance has recently caused regime changes in the world notably in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain, where either the regime was toppled or major uprisings or social violence occurred, including riots, civil wars or insurgencies.


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