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EXPOSED: Panicky Museveni sets killing machine in motion

President Museveni.

By Moses Ssejjoba

A well-coordinated plan has surfaced by which President Museveni to eliminate opposition activists not just in the country, but also abroad. The execution of the plan, which Museveni has kept very close to his chest, is to be overseen by a special commando unit operating under the Special Forces Command (SFC).

SFC, which is little more than Museveni’s personal militia, is currently overseen by his own son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, “Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations”. This website has learnt that a panicky Museveni does not want to take chances with the opposition.

According to a whistleblower website, the targets include senior government officials and members of the People Power movement and it’s sympathisers in the country and beyond. Available information indicates that the unit has already mapped out the targets and the elimination is already in motion.

A highly classified memo that this website has seen, which is addressed directly to Museveni, shows an assessment conducted on different countries where a potential threat to Museveni’s 33-year rule has been detected. The memo shows alleged threats include “recruitment bases aimed at mobilizing a military overthrow of the Museveni junta”, and prescribes remedies.

Among the foreign capitals where those alleged potential threats have been detected are the Mozambican capital Maputo, where, the memo says, some 1500 soldiers who defected from UPDF have regrouped. Their plan, according to the memo, is to attack and overthrow Museveni in 2020.

The recommendation, as stated in the classified document, is to dismantle their base from the southern African country. “Destroy the confirmed centre for recruitment of Ugandan dissidents in Maputo. Write reports about information alleging that Ugandan criminals on the run temporarily settle in Maputo before they proceed to other countries,” part of the memo reads.

Analysts, however, can detect the memo as a ruse, a justification for Museveni to hunt down those Ugandans he simply doesn’t like, even if they’ve committed no crimes.

Museveni’s grand scheme also involves meddling in the internal affairs of other countries. A case in point is Kenya, where the Museveni agents are to recommend which presidential candidate to be sponsored by Museveni’s NRM in their next elections. What is most astonishing from the dossier is the revelation from the Zambian capital Lusaka, where senior government officials have stashed loads of money stolen from Kampala.

The theft itself is not a problem to Museveni, who has abetted thieving throughout his three-decades misrule. What has him worried is the threat regarding what they might use that money for, like removing him from power.

The explosive dossier lists the officials involved in this scam, who ironically, include Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire, a known Musevenist. Others named include once Museveni blue-eyed girls Allen Kagina, current head of the roads authority, and Jennifer Musisi who recently resigned from her powerful position as executive director of Kampala Capital City Authority.

Others named in the Lusaka affair are People Power leader and opposition firebrand MP Robert Kyagulanyi, and Museveni’s erstwhile ally, former PM, Amama Mbabazi. The report also names embattled Bank of Uganda Deputy Governor Louis Kasekende.

Kasekende has of late been maligned in all ways possible in an effort to discredit him as a candidate for Governor of the Central Bank replacing the now ill Tumusiime-Mutebile. Others on the money stash scam list include high-flying junior Minister David Bahati who has amassed a lot of wealth during his short stint as State Minister for Planning.

“ESO must identify and eliminate dissidents and money launderers who facilitate theft of money from government projects to invest in Lusaka,” reads a recommendation from the memo.

In capitals further afield, notably Washington and London, the mission is to identify mobilisers and sympathisers of People Power and locate their families back in Uganda to use as leverage against them. This inhuman use of state power has long been second nature to Museveni according to those that know him well.

According to our sources in security, some of the individuals implicated could have been the subject of a political witch-hunt. “Nonetheless their days are numbered because they are already marked and Museveni’s killer machine is on the roll,” said our source.

Security sources intimated that the Ugandan intelligence community is known to feed lies to Museveni to fatten their operation funds. They premise this on the known fact that Museveni will do anything to remain president until they take him to his grave. “It is a known fact that the intelligence services, just like other Museveni establishments, are not above board; everybody is corruptible,” our sources say.

Underlying all these maneuvers is that Museveni and his cabal have seen in the People Power Movement a threat that has triggered unprecedented fear in Museveni. The massive support the group has managed to galvanize among the youth across the country is giving Museveni sleepless nights.


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