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Gabula is just one of the tens of thousands of Museveni’s victims


By Moses Ssejjoba

Members of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights were recently left in tears following a harrowing account of the suffering of one Evans Bright Gabula at the hands of state security. Gabula was recounting his ordeal of when he was abducted and kept in a safe house for months by Internal Security Organisation (ISO).

Gabula, who went to the Committee to seek parliamentary protection from state security agencies, recounted how he spent 72 days in a tiny cell where he could neither stand, sleep, or even sit properly.

“I was kept in the same tiny room for 72 days, not allowed to ease myself and they would come after every three or four days to make me take away my feces then take me back inside,” he told parliament. “For all the 72 days, I was never allowed to bathe,” he said, sending the legislators into tears.

But even when Gabula was finally produced before a court, which freed him the same operatives abducted him once again and threw him back into the same ungazetted place of detention – one of the multitudes of so-called safe houses run by the regime’s security agencies.

In Museveni’s Uganda, this is not a case unique to Gabula. There are thousands of others who have been in similar conditions and many continue to languish in the dungeons. Also this is not practice unique to ISO. The brutal methods deployed by ISO pale in comparison to CMI!, according to sources that know those agencies well.

Also these acts are sanctioned by none other than the ruler, Yoweri Museveni himself. He has over the 33 years of his reign made a complete mockery of every institution in the country with one of the end results being his thuggish, lawless security agencies.

“Gabula is just one of the tens of thousands of Ugandans who experience these atrocities daily,” said opposition MP Robert Kyagulanyi best known as Bobi Wine.

Kyagulanyi has himself been on the receiving end of state-sanctioned torture ever since the Museveni started getting threatened by his growing popularity. He has been abducted by the same operatives, beaten up, and framed for all sorts of crimes in an effort to discourage him from his political activities.

“As someone who has been subjected to torture by this regime, this man’s testimony brought back some terrible memories,” Kyagulanyi said. The bad news is that not even parliament which Gabula petitioned will save him from his tormentors as we have seen the same institution being raped by the same Museveni operatives in full glare of television cameras.

Museveni’s minions will stop at nothing to defend his atrocities and Kyagulanyi states this much in his social media post. “Three weeks back, I raised the issue of the kidnap, torture and murder of our people before Parliament. Shamelessly, the Prime Minister denied the extent of the human rights violations that happen in this country and tried to downplay it,” he said.

The only way we Ugandans will disentangle ourselves from the suffering that has been meted out on us by this regime is to see the back on Museveni.

“It is incumbent upon every one of us to play our civic duty, withstand all the intimidation that Museveni will stop at nothing to wield, and uproot him from power,” supporters of People Power observe.

People Power needs to get stronger and challenge him with all means available!, Bobi Wine said at the funeral of the recently deceased fellow musician Ziggy Wine, tortured to death by regime operatives.


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