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General Muhozi Kainerugaba holds meeting to assassinate opposition leaders


By Yusuf Kirya



A reliable whistleblower inside Uganda’s security circles has revealed to this website that last week Lt. Gen Muhozi Keinerugaba held a meeting with trusted directors within the security organs and on the agenda were plans to assassinate a number of opposition political leaders before the political situation gets out of hand and it’s too late to contain them.

The official, whose name we cannot publish for his own security, has just done his most patriotic duty; he has just unveiled a plot to assassinate senior opposition leaders.

While the recent agreement between Bobi Wine and Besigye sounded loud alarms in security circles, our source indicates that the only thing it has done is to amplify the problem and is likely to accelerate the opposition elimination campaign, “while panic has been visible with a series of meetings called to plan for a response, assassination plan was there even before.”

Initially there was a temptation to brush away the major development in the Ugandan political landscape but the pressure to respond was too important to ignore. An alternative option rather than assassinations was tabled – sowing division in the opposition – but this was quickly rubbished, according to our source.

Publicly, the authorities are claiming the agreement favors them, which is also meant to have Bobi Wine and Besigye reconsider their alliance.

Morrison Rwakakamba, Presidential Special Advisor, said the agreement works in NRM’s advantage but our source is adamant, it is being considered to be the most serious challenge NRM has faced in 33 years. In a panic, a meeting of trusted security officials was called by Gen. Muhoozi who is coordinating a response.

Privately, all options and scenarios were considered. Quickly, however, the meeting took a sharp turn after Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba took the executive decision to lauch an assassination campaign of senior opposition leaders, including Col. Besigye and Bobi Wine.

Our whistleblower indicated that the decision was not arrived at through consensus but rather an imposition of a furious Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the President’s son, who sees this agreement as a major obstacle to his succession path.

In the meeting, Gen. Muhoozi was incensed by those who tried to persuade him otherwise whom he dismissively told that what was at stake was the nation’s security and stability. The General insisted and gave Sudan as an example; he prefers dealing with the political aftermath of assassinations instead of letting the new agreement gunner steam.

The whistleblower explained that the main objective of this wave of assassinations will be to instill fear to avoid revolt. Muhoozi fearlessly recalled that even other assassinations (Gen. Aronda, Noble Mayombo, Muhammad Kirumira, Gen. James Kazini, AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, Yasin Kawuma) did not spark popular revolts but quashed them in their infancy. He insisted that these assassinations should be done sooner than later in order to settle in a climate of fear around the country between now and the time of elections in 2021. In other words, any opposition who is perceived capable of turning the population against Museveni is now in Muhozi Kainerugaba’s crosshairs.

We naturally asked what motivated our whistleblower to break his silence. His reply was short and simply, “My duty it to my country, not this or that family. I love NRM but I think Muhoozi might start a civil war.”


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