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In Museveni’s books, criminality pays

Dictator Museveni.

By Charles Kamya Ssentamu

Armed men on Wednesday attacked a hardware shop in a busy town of Nansana located in Wakiso District, shooting three people – all attendants – dead.

One would say, armed robberies, however despicable, are not unheard of in an urban dwelling like Nansana.

However, what is unusual is the manner in which this took place, the brazen way the attackers committed the murders, and the whereabouts of the law enforcers in all of this.

We all saw the videos that made rounds of these mass murderers – who had apparently sealed off the area – executed the poor shop attendants, something that would not be plausible anywhere else where law and order prevails.

It was the same script from all murders we have seen: gunmen arriving on motorcycles, executing innocent people and getting away. The police only comes to collect bodies.

Sadly, not even those considered high-up have been spared going by the murders we have seen over the years.

No clue as to who the murderers are and their whereabouts but we have sadly got used to this to an extent that any hope of ever apprehending the murderers is near zero.

To the police, the dead are just another statistics until another murder takes place, which will not be long anyway.

We have seen the spate of murders and the only improvement we see is how more brazen they are getting.

Where are the so-called CCTV cameras that Museveni promised would bring an end to urban crime?

Again this is a rhetorical question because that is what Museveni has brought to our country, where crime reigns and where hardcore criminals are embedded in the poorly paid, demoralised Police and other security forces.

We have heard confessions of the criminal gangs – the so-called Kifeesi – and others chest – thumping saying how they work with Police and instead of being brought to book, are recruited among key mobilises of Museveni.

You have all seen the likes of Sobbi, a hardcore criminal being paraded by Security Minister Gen Henry Tumukunde to disparage Police, and he has indeed reaped big.

Lately, you have seen him with NRM paraphernalia, mobilising for Museveni in and around Kampala like any other bona-fide youth mobiliser.

This is a man who appeared on national Television to tell Ugandans how he has killed, tortured, robbed and done all despicable things with impunity.

This will only embolden the criminals and further demoralise the poorly paid rank and file among the police, while the so-called commanders, many of whom actually employ these criminals, will continue to enjoy the loot.

You now have ministers openly saying they do not have trust in Police, accusing them of being part of the killing machine.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the state of affairs in our country and it is the steady progress Museveni has ushered in our country for his 33-year (mis)rule of Uganda.