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Is Rukutana’s arrogance on Mutungo land a cover for foreign rebel activities?


By John Kakooza

The disdainful attitude of Mwesigwa Rukutana, Deputy Attorney General of Uganda, towards the chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry into land matters speaks volumes about what the government is concealing in Mutungo.

On Wednesday the country was shocked when, under questioning by Catherine Bamugemereire the chairperson of the land probe, Rukutana abused the judge and stormed out of the hearing. He then remarked in full hearing of everyone, including assembled media and its cameras, that Bamugemereire “can go hang.”

The lady justice had summoned Rukutana to explain how the government acquired the Mutungo Hill land, which the External Security Organization (ESO) uses as a highly secretive facility.

Rukutana, who is known to herd his cows with an AK 47 rifle, had during the hearing session in the court repeatedly stalled on answering Bamugemereire questions. The lady justice wanted to know, among other things, how the land at Mutungo was bought; or specifically what it is used for. Rukutana has (rudely) refused to answer the questions.

At one point in the proceedings Bamugemereire said to Rukutana: “two weeks ago, we granted you an adjournment to come and respond; we had hoped that when the learned Deputy Attorney General (Rukutana) would sit there, he would provide clarity. There are allegations of irregular, fraudulent process. Instead we have been confronted by hostility, combativeness and a condescending attitude never seen before!”

Rukutana once outside the courtroom went ahead to display the kind of arrogance and insolence that in Uganda only those secretly committing crimes for Museveni show. “These fellows are untouchable, and they know it perfectly,” said a veteran observer of Ugandan politics.

Rukutana remarked: “Let them (land probe) go to the president; I don’t care!” All ‘these things’, the government knows what happened. Let them go to the president, or God!”

The evasiveness of the deputy attorney general and his insolence and dismissive attitude towards custodians of the country’s highest laws is strongest confirmation Rukutana is doing wrong on behalf of Museveni – namely to cover up what ESO and other intelligence services are doing on Kabaka Muteesa’s land in Mutungo.

Recently the public saw how soldiers forcefully prevented Bamugemereire from entering that piece of land in the course of her investigation. One went to the extent of cocking a gun at her, even in the presence of her guards. The reasons must be very serious, and very unusual the public got the impression.

The soldiers showed contempt similar to that displayed by Mr. Rukutana.

According to inside sources, the Kabaka’s land is being used by the regime, through CMI and External Security Organization (ESO), to train anti-Rwanda rebels. That is one reason they are ready to shoot even important people, to refuse them entry to the stretch of land on Block 237 in Mutungo, Nakawa Division, specifically the land encompassing plots 67, 48, 29 and 59.

The land was registered in Kabaka Edward Muteesa’s names in 1946 but the regime has forcefully taken it over, and used Mwesigwa Rukutana as cover that he paid for or bought the land.

Our impeccable sources reveal foreign rebel groups are using it. According to them, senior officials of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), who are directly sponsored by the Uganda regime, have been frequenting the site. That has strengthened suspicions it is being turned into “a training ground” that’s inaccessible to anyone not directly linked to the anti-Rwanda scheme.