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Muhoozi is no role model, his actions show

First Son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

By Charles Kamya Ssentamu

The mystery keeps deepening of the double murder of last Thursday on Entebbe Expressway of Joshua Nteireho Ruhegyera, and his traveling companion Merina Tumukunde, a married woman. What’s more the elimination of Ruhegyera threatens to leave some prominent people exposed.

The dead woman, it is slowly coming to light, was coming from an amorous meeting with the First Son.

This fact is likely to fuel more certainty that Muhoozi Kainerugaba “surely is no role model!”

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While most actors in what has come to be known as “the Muhoozi Project” try to portray him as the most qualified successor, there is a less known dark side to his character. Many of those who have had the misfortune to cross his path, actually dread the day he takes over the reins of power.

An introvert who – according to people like journalist Joseph Kabuleta – also is critically short on social skills, Muhoozi largely keeps in the shadows, stalking his prey like a nocturnal predator. His name has been linked to several extra-marital indiscretions, including the woman involved in the Entebbe incident.

According to those familiar with his escapades, like the late Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein’s sons Uday and Qusay, Muhoozi takes what he wants and by any means. The story is told of a married woman in Kampala, who was unfortunate to catch his attention. After rebuffing several approaches by his pimps, she was one day whisked off the streets.

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Soldiers took her to a private property where Muhoozi had his way with her for two weeks. The poor woman thought her ordeal would be over once he had satisfied his curiosity, but she was mistaken. Muhoozi wanted more of her and would have her goons abduct her at will.

As if taking a man’s woman was not bad enough, Muhoozi turned back his fury on her husband whom he has disorganized and tried to dispossess of businesses and property. To pull off his nefarious schemes, the Crown Prince has a number of pimps. Joshua Ruhegyera was one such pimp, who would provide cover for “the crown prince”.

On the day of their murder, Ruhegyera had first booked a suite at Hidden Treasure Hotel in Entebbe. It is from here that they drove to Millennium Hotel, a seedy, low-rent facility in Zzana, five kilometers along the Kampala- Entebbe Highway owned by Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana.

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Officially, the reason for Ruhegyera’s movement from Hidden Treasure to Millennium with his companion was to meet a one Robert Ssuubi over an unspecified deal. Yet curiously for someone who had taken the precaution of getting an armed police escort, when he got to the venue, he left his ‘guard’ lounging around.

He entered the facility with the female companion. The guard claims he was abandoned at Millennium as Ruhegyera in the company of Merina simply drove off with the guard’s AK 47 riffle, and house keys in the car. Ballistic experts have since established that there were five exit holes in the body of the vehicle the deceased were riding in.

Three were from the AK47 that was issued to PC David Taremwa who escorted the couple to Millennium, while two were from a handgun. While Merina’s body was found in a sitting position in the rear seat of the vehicle, Joshua’s was outside with Taremwa’s riffle in hand.

All the evidence points to a love triangle but it is not known if the couple were killed because they were suspected of breaching the rules of the arrangement.

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This is a mystery whose secrets have been partly unraveled, with an innocent woman dead; a woman that was pimped to the First Son, with the pimp also lying dead. Muhoozi not only is a predator of the highest order as far as females are concerned. He also is a deadly home wrecker.

A lot of plotting is going onto the “Muhoozi Project”. So far the sinister project is linked with the torture, abductions and disappearances of perceived opponents, mostly People Power members. Prominent journalist and pastor Joseph Kabuleta, when he was recently abducted it was because he had come out strongly against the so-called Muhoozi Project.

Muhoozi is dull, and absolutely devoid of character! To think this person is being groomed for power is a big joke!, Kabuleta said without mincing words. Why can a fellow that has never done anything in his life, except turn up at a military training in a military vehicle, be president? Kabuleta seethed.

They abducted him shortly afterwards and took him for torture, in his own words.

He at least came out a week later. Others like John Bosco Kibalama, the People Power member that was abducted three months ago has never been heard from again. It is believed it is “Muhoozi’s boys” that abducted him, determined that nothing derails the project to put him in power.

When musician Ziggy Wine, a prominent People Power member was abducted and murdered, the finger firmly pointed at the enforcers of the Muhoozi Project. The Police did its best to forge evidence, but it was clear Ziggy Wine was dead as another victim of the Muhoozi Project.

“This man, Muhoozi, might be dull and lacking in leadership, but he is very dangerous. He is deadly because all the machinery of death put in place by his father is ready to spring into action against each, and all perceived opponents,” said a Kampala based analyst that talked on request of anonymity, so they couldn’t kill him too.

With his womanizing that can lead to dangerous consequences for others, combined with his other character traits, he certainly is no role model and isn’t someone Ugandans will ever welcome!, added the analyst.


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