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Museveni and his misplaced priorities

President Museveni.

By Moses Ssejjoba

President Museveni has spent the past few months traversing the country on what he calls a “wealth creation” campaign. In fact the tours were such an important undertaking for him that parliament had to convene a special sitting to approve a special supplementary budget for this purpose.

That would be okay if indeed the campaign was a genuine one; but it is the same fallacy we have seen with the numerous white elephant projects the ruler has launched before this. Who knows the grandiose Bonna Baggagawale (let everyone become rich) and what came of it? Has there ever been an audit of billions, if not trillions of the taxpayer’s shillings that went into this?

The bad news for Museveni and his spin-doctors is that their desperate ways have continued to expose him and the real motivation behind these latest tours. What we see is a man giving a tired speech, the same script we have heard for the past 33 years. Then shortly after you see a few sycophants falling over themselves to pronounce him sole candidate for the 2021 elections.

This has happened at every rally he has convened as part of this so-called campaign.

It has already happened in different sub-regions. We saw it in Northern Uganda, and just last week it happened in the greater Luweero area.

“How does a group of 10 people speak on behalf of millions of Ugandans? They certainly do not represent the masses, they are self-seeking sycophants who are stage-managed to do just that,” fumed outspoken MP Paul Luttamaguzi, himself from the Greater Luweero area.

The manner in which these individuals jump up to declare Museveni the single candidate on the ballot not only gives away the real purpose of the campaign but also reveals something else. We have come to witness a Museveni who is not only scared of the opposition that has greatly mobilized the youth – despite being literally stitched up by the regime – but also a man scared of his own shadow that is called the Movement.

It was all laid to bear when the youth in the north came up to denounce these self-seekers who had usurped their rights by endorsing this so-called single candidature of Museveni. They were badly beaten up and many are still nursing injuries. But what is more encouraging is that they have not given up.

They will certainly continue to fight the regime and its security apparatus to reclaim our nation. Meanwhile, as Museveni continues to misappropriate the poorly remunerated and facilitated security forces by using them to scuttle opposition politics, innocent Ugandans continue to die senseless deaths. The video captured on a school CCTV of a young Derrick Mulindwa, the boda boda operator who was strangled and hit by a metal bar by two thugs, is still vivid in the minds of many Ugandans.

Just like that, Mulindwa, who was working hard to bring food on the table of his family had his life cut short by these goons, to rob him of his pathetic motorcycle. It does not end there. Now police say the two goons were operating a very sophisticated criminal enterprise of which members of the police force are the ringleaders.

This then gets us to wonder, where are Museveni’s priorities? Instead of focusing on solving crime that has taken the lives of dozens of hardworking Ugandans, many of them young, why should he focus on “popularizing” his single candidacy, and while at it waste Uganda’s meagre resources?

Ironically, it is on these very tours, when he is in de-facto campaign mode, that he has always attacked the opposition accusing them of being in campaign mode!


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