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Museveni has done worse than Obote!, Nadduli thunders

President Museveni and Hajji Abdu Nadduli, an NRM historical.

By Moses Ssejjoba

The national vice chairman of the ruling NRM has come out to castigate the excesses carried out by the regime he helped create, saying that they are “much worse that the regime they uprooted.” Speaking to the media about the current state of affairs in the country, Hajji Abdu Nadduli, an NRM historical who represents the populous central region said the Museveni government has committed worse atrocities than that of Milton Obote which they deposed.

“At least Obote was preoccupied with power struggles, fighting Mutesa (the late cultural head of the Baganda ethnicity), and others,” proclaimed Nadduli. “The crimes the Obotes committed against civilians are not anywhere close to those committed under NRM,” said Nadduli.

Coming from an historical, from the infamous Luweero Triangle, this is one of the most damning verdicts on Museveni’s 35-year rule. “How bad have things become for one to say Obote ran a better regime!” one commenter wondered. Ugandans of a certain age can never forget the days of “panda gari”, or “duka duka”, and right now Uganda is in “a worse time!”

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Nadduli pointed out examples of land grabbing. “The regime has no empathy, where poor families are thrown off their land and stripped of an entire livelihood by an NRA General without any consequence,” said the old movement cadre. “How do you grab land belonging to a widow, with young children; don’t you have empathy? Where do you want her to go?” a fuming Nadduli asked.

The old man said there is total breakdown in the delivery of services to the people, which is “a complete departure from the reason the NRM struggle was formed in the early 1980s.” But those that have known Museveni a long time, the president only managed to hoodwink people, like a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.

“Museveni has always been a scheming manipulator; a dictator and someone even worse than Obote,” veteran opposition leaders like Kiiza Besigye fulminated.

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Nadduli said that when he and the others joined the rebel group in the early days of the war to topple the Obote regime, they were hoodwinked by Museveni to believe that NRM was founded on the principle of uplifting the common person. “We were duped; the only people we fought for are a few individuals from western Uganda who have made the country their fiefdom!” he said.

He was alluding to Museveni’s home region and the perception that Museveni’s ethnic group has “eaten the fat of the country”, and above all Museveni’s own family. For the past 35 years, Museveni has entrenched politics of patronage where a few people (everyone knows who they are!) seemingly have free reign to loot. They are never persecuted for egregious offenses of corruption like the UCB saga; the Greenland bankruptcy, the Temangalo theft; the plunder known as “ghost soldiers”, and so endlessly on.

“The Museveni regime is like one giant yellow locust that leaves the population much more poorer than it found them!” Kampala Twitteratti comment. But what don’t people like Mzee Nadduli expect?, asked one commentator. “Museveni has already told Ugandans that he is not working for anyone but his children and grandchildren; why the naivety of expecting him to do otherwise?”

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That Uganda is becoming a failed state long ago extended to security, where poor hard working people are killed day and night, with no consequence on the part of the criminals.

Mobile money vendors, shop owners among many others are attacked in broad-daylight and killed by thugs working with the security apparatus. The latest is that the police is now selling footage relayed by CCTV cameras, installed by the government supposedly to check crime in Kampala.

This is the same CCTV system that was launched by Museveni in October 2018 as the “magic bullet” to solve rampant criminality in the capital. The system was built at a cost of Ushs 800 billion to the long-suffering taxpayer. But the only people it is benefiting are the senior security officers who are trading the footage to criminals, who pay up to avoid arrest.


It is symptomatic of where Uganda has reached – supposed guardians of law and order running criminal rackets to profit off the misery of Ugandans.

“You cannot even blame them; this is a broken system whose illness comes from the very top. So everyone is grabbing what they can get their hands on,” said our source.

Now even the most staunch Museveni loyalists, like Nadduli are fed up and ready to support any alternative.


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