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Museveni must go; it is our responsibility all for him to go!, Bobi Wine


During the funeral wake of musician Ziggy Wine – whom torturers killed in very gruesome ways – his namesake, fellow Musician Bobi Wine also known as Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, gave a fiery speech denouncing Museveni and calling for Ugandans to rise up and do their part “to remove the dictatorship.

GLW translated the speech, originally in Luganda, into English. Below, you can read it in full.

You musicians! You musicians!

Stop dividing yourselves! Stop betraying your country! (Thunderous applause).

Ziggy Wine was killed, and I know the reason they killed Ziggy Wine. They feared him because as an artist he has a powerful voice! It is very sad that up to today you musicians haven’t realized the power of your voices! The trust the population has in you!

I want to tell you, these attacks aren’t on me alone; they aren’t on Ziggy alone. They are attacks on the entire music industry. They are trying to weaken you. But for a very long time I’ve been telling you, you do not realize the power you have! You artists alone can change the nation.

Me as an individual, the reason Bosiko is so scared of me is because I am a ragga artist! But what is sad is that amongst you musicians are those that use the power they have to put the people under the boot of oppression. Malcolm X – the renowned American civil rights activist – used to say, ‘long ago when we black Americans were still slaves, we were divided into two parts: the house slaves, and the plantation slaves.

‘House slaves were the slaves that lived close to their masters. Now, those slaves that lived close to the master loved the master even more than the master loved himself! He spoke for the master more than the master spoke for himself. When the master was sick the slave would say, ‘Master we are sick!’ If the master had a nice house, the house slave said, ‘Master we have a nice house!’

When another slave suggested to the house slave, ‘let’s escape!’ The house slave said ‘no! Escape and go where? We can’t find a better place!’

So, I want to inform you that those are the kind of slaves they used to oppress fellow blacks!

Now it is a long time since slavery was abolished and the trade in people ended, but today in 2019 we still have house slaves in Uganda! Now the plantation slaves were the ones that did the hard labor. They suffered beatings with whips and endured much torture and abuse, and they really hated the masters. But the plantation slaves were intelligent and resourceful.

I am one of those plantation slaves! Also, I am certain we are very many who are plantation slaves, even here! But the house slaves we have today, when you tell them ‘let’s work to change the leadership’ they only say ‘we know the one we will choose who gives us a lot of free money!

But the plantation slaves, when you come and tell them, ‘let’s remove the man’, they say ‘in fact we have delayed too much; let’s remove him in 2021!’

So my brothers that are here today, especially you musicians, I want you to leave here and go decide if you are a house slave, or a plantation slave!

Our role as musicians has been around a long time. Remember people like Christopher Sebaduka, he sang songs and Amin hounded him out of the country and Sebaduka fled to Europe. A man like Philly Lutaaya, he was remarkable because of his music.

So, these dictators that are persecuting people, they have to be made to leave! You musicians, what do you represent as an artist? The important thing is that we are here, and Museveni will leave us here! (Tumultuous applause from the crowd). So I want to leave you a message, that what we are saying to you here, let it be a seed we have planted into you.

It therefore is up to you, in your mind and in your conscience if the seed we plant is going to germinate, or going to die. The decision is up to you! These (regime) people have worked so hard to weaken us! These things they are doing to us, in my view these things do not show hate; they show fear!

There is nothing more they can do any longer other than try to plant fear in our hearts. But let me tell you my brothers and sisters that once you lose your fear of them, they lose their control over you! I tell you these men, once you have lost your fear of them, they no longer have leverage! What leverage have they over me?! None!

Because we know we are on the right side; the truth is on our side; history is on our side, and God is on our side, so we are not going to fear anyone! I want to remind you that we had one of the great musicians of Africa here in Uganda – he was called Moses Radio Mawzey. Moses Radio was my great friend.

One time I told him, “Radio, what a great voice you have; why not use it to represent the aspirations of the people?” We used to have great disputes with Moses, and he was a supporter of Museveni thinking things would become better. But when Radio got into difficulties and they put him in a car and took him to the hospital in Nsambya the hospital had no capabilities to give him the required care.

Then Moses Radio died! Had he gotten those difficulties in a country where the hospitals were functional and good, we would be with him today. Ladies and gentlemen, Radio did not denounce dictatorship before he died. His silence helped the oppressor a lot.

That’s why those of us that take a stand, it doesn’t mean we are so strong; it doesn’t mean we are so hard! But a time comes, as Bob Marley said, ‘you can never know how strong you are until being strong is your only option!’

So, we have to be strong! In our music we have decided we will never be in a situation whereby when we are infirm with age and when we are badly off, we are in country that can’t take care of us! We the children are in a country that is in this condition because our elders were afraid, (to take a stand and demand better).

So it is our responsibility to take that stand, because if we don’t do it we will have condemned our children. We will have left them this bad situation! So, dear elders, we the youth here, we are the regiment (for change). We the youth of different backgrounds, of different religions; of different ethnicities – we will unite and we will do it!

So my brothers and sisters, as we send Ziggy off, I want to request you, each in their heart, to promise it to Ziggy, that we will do it.

Ziggy has paid the highest price.

Ziggy has paid with his life. For our country.

Every Sunday we would be with Ziggy at Busaabala. Even yesterday we would have been with him. But now he is gone. That can happen to any of us. Each of us is a candidate for death. Therefore never allow anyone to use death to intimidate you! Museveni and his friends too have ten fingers like me!

The difference is that they are very few, and they are very old! We are very many and they can’t kill and finish us all! They cannot!

We can say a lot about Ziggy. He has been my friend; a friend of many, a nice, humble guy. I want to thank Ziggy’s family for giving us this opportunity to mourn our brother. We know the program was to take him to his home village, so I thank them for this little opportunity they could avail us, for us to be with our friend.

Fellow Ugandans, those that didn’t know things are for real, now you know!

But I once again want to request each one of you, tonight, each one of you, don’t promise this thing to me as Kyagulanyi; or only to Ziggy, but promise it to yourself – at this moment do not cry for Ziggy because he has rested and there is nothing more then can do to him.

You who are still silent; you who are ignoring these issues; you who do little and hope the situation will improve by itself, know that if we wanted we would put a stop to this brutal regime!

The solution is to send Museveni and all his people away!

We will do it if we finally understand that this is an issue of concern not only to Kyagulanyi, but to everyone!

This is of concern not only to politicians, but to all Ugandans!

My request to each and every one of you is to do everything you can, in your capacity.

Make it your responsibility to spread the message to everyone!

If everyone does his or her part, this regime cannot follow everyone to their house!

We have to liberate ourselves or die!


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