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President Museveni.

By GLW team

period during the time since former Uganda Police IGP Kale Kayihura was arrested, sacked and detained.


Musa Kalema, Masaija Yasin, Rajab Musisi, Yunusu Kayondo, Seruwaji and Mayanja Awali were detained at CMI from 15 June 2018, deprived of personal liberty and tortured until 25 June 2018 when they were transferred to SIU Kireka and further detained until 11th July. They were victims of arbitrary arrest and detention.

Hadija Nakyejwe and Abdulrahman Namwanja were arrested on 16 June 2018 and deprived of personal liberty by CMI, which detained them at SIU-Kireka until 28 June 2018.

Tukamushaba Simpson was arrested on 16th June 2018, blindfolded, brutally forced into a car and handcuffed. They detained at Kiira Road Police Station on orders from ISO Headquarters, until 17th August 2018 when he was released. It was an arbitrary detention and torture of months, with no charges.

Wilson Kyabula and Bryan Kaya was arrested on 29 June 2018, detained, and tortured by CMI that tied a chain on his testicles at SIU-Kireka. They released him on 6 August 2018 when he was almost dead.

Biira Dorika and Nziaki Willy were arrested on 1 July 2018 and by the end of 2018 were still in detention at CMI’s Kireka facility. They were held incommunicado from their families.

Sebuufu Edward and Mutwe Eddie were detained at CMI Mbuya from 24 August 2018 to 30th August 2018 and were beaten up because of their close association with People Power leader MP Robert Kyaguranyi. No charges in court.

Kigongo Mugoya, Waiswa Jimmy, Isabirye Daniel and Kasule Jimmy were abducted on 6 August 2018 and detained at SIU-Kireka under torturous conditions until 20 September 2018. No legal procedures at all.

Aman Sulaiman and Sami Gura were arrested “panda gari” style, detained at CMI for two months (24 June to 24 July 2018), then transferred to Jinja Road Police Station where he is still in detention.

Ofwono John was detained and tortured at CMI on 1 October 2018 before being transferred to Jinja Road Police Station, under no legal authority.

Rajab Kasole was detained at CMI from the 27 July 2018 until 27 August with serious beatings that broke his ribs.

Namukasa Janet and Senfuka Sulaiman were detained at CMI from 11 October 2018 to 10 November 2018 and deprived of their personal liberty for reasons they were never told.

Walusimbi Baker was re-arrested when he was released by the High Court on 17 October and detained at CID Kireka to-date, in defiance of court orders.

Lukumbuka Brian Robert was arrested on 18 June and detained at CMI Kireka where he was up to the end of 2018. It was another illegal detention of the thousands in Uganda.

Lubega Martin was arrested on 9 October 2018 by CMI operatives and detained at CMI-Kireka where he still was by the end of 2018. It was another injustice inflicted, with completely no procedure.

On October 2018, Yusuf Kawooya brutalized by CMI goons in broad daylight – almost beaten to death.

Kiyingi Bazira was arrested on 7th November 2018 and detained at CMI where he still was by the end of 2018. His health was seriously compromised.


June 8th 2018, Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga and his brother Saidi Congo gunned down, die on the spot.

September 2018, DPC Muhammad Kirumira is killed with Resty Nalinya, a lady friend.

March 24, 2019, Ronald Ssebulime was arrested handcuffed and shot dead

August 2019: Ziggy Wine, a People Power diehard and Bobi wine’s mobiliser was murdered in cold blood in


In 2018, the country witnessed an increase in the number of kidnappings in urban areas, mainly in Kampala. Investigations established that from mid July 2018, to end August 2019, there were 74 reported cases of kidnap.

Kampala, 13 July 2018, Isaac Makubuya, 27 years old.

Luweero, 19 July 2018, Rahia Nakato, 25 years old.

Luweero, 19 July 2018, Sumayia Babirye 35 years old.

Kampala, 22 July 2018, Charity Kyohairwe, 33-year old, raped and murdered.

Wakiso, 24 August 2018, Jovia Nakitende 23-year old, kidnapped and feared dead.

Mbarara, 30 August 2018, Anolyne Asasira, 11-year old female, recovered after payment of ransom to suspected security operatives posing as kidnappers.

Kisoro, September 2018, Zainab Mahoro, adult female, recovered after payment of ransom to suspect security operatives.

Mbarara, 12 September 2018, Lowena Murungi, 22-year old female, murdered because they didn’t pay ransom to security goons posing as kidnappers.
Kampala, 10 September 2018, Rose Nakisekka, 17-year old female, murdered in cold blood.

Kampala, 14 September 2018, Brinah Nalule, 19-year old female, murdered.

Mbarara, 14 September 2018, Juliet Twebaze, adult female, murdered.

Mbarara, 15 November 2018, Joshua Nabimanya, 27-year old male, kidnapped brutally.

Wakiso, 18 November 2018, Halima Nabawanuka, adult female, kidnapped, rape and murdered.

Wakiso, 18 December 2018, Israela Namalego, 24-year old female, kidnapped, and murdered in cold blood because they couldn’t pay ransom.

Wakiso, 18 December 2018, Dorcus Nakiwunga 22-year old female, brutally kidnapped, raped and murdered.

Mukono 2 January 2019 Christine Biwaga, 26-year old female kidnapped but ransom paid.

Wakiso, 27 April 2019, Abel Nakatende, adult female, brutally raped and murdered because they couldn’t pay ransom.

Wakiso, 28 July 2019, Allen Nakiyingi, 28-year old female, kidnapped, murdered and dumped in a bush.

Mayuge, 29 March 2019, Denise Alenyo, 33-year old female, kidnapped, murdered and body dumped in a bush because ransom couldn’t be paid to security goons posing and kidnappers.

Kampala, 16 April 2019, Phillip Tumwebaze Wabwire, 27-year old male, People Power activist kidnapped and missing.

Hoima, 3 May 2019 Godfrey Katusiime, 50-year old male, kidnapped and extorted of money.

Kampala, May 2019, Mariam Uwase 21-year old female, kidnapped and extorted of money.

Bushenyi 15 June 2019 Peace Ansiimirwe 19-year old female, kidnapped and family had to pay extortion money.

Isingiro, 17 June 2019, Meloni Nabaasa, 45-year old female, kidnapped and killed.

Kampala July 2019, Grace Kyosimire, 27-year old female , kidnapped and missing.

Kampala 25 July 2019, Christine Nabasumba, 25-year old female, kidnapped, killed and body dumped in a swamp.

Kampala, 26 July 2010, Aminah Mirembe, 23-year old female, kidnapped and ransom paid for suspected security goons posing as kidnappers.

Kayunga, July 2019, Rebecca Birabwa, 32 years old female, kidnapped and murdered.

Mbarara, 26 July 2019, Evans Ariho, 29-year old male, kidnapped, family extorted for ransom money. Murdered.

Masaka, 8 August 2019, Zahara Nakafeero, 14-year old female, kidnapped, raped, but survived after ransom money paid.

Kampala, August 2019, Mariam Kusuubira, 32-year old female, kidnapped and killed.

Kampala, 28 August 2019, Maria Nagirinya and her driver Kitayimbwa kidnapped and murdered despite security cameras and everything.


The opposition suffered targeted violence by members of the regime security forces in the two major by-elections of 2018

Bugiri by-election:

On July 19, 2018, Asuman Walyengo, 28, a bodyguard to JEEMA Party presidential candidate Asuman Basalirwa was shot dead by police in Bugiri as the force dispersed what it called an illegal assembly.

Arua by-election:

On August 13, 2018, Yasin Kawuma, a driver to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi was shot dead by Museveni’s Special Forces Command as he sat in the legislator’s vehicle. The death came two days to the elections to replace Ibrahim Abiriga, the Arua Municipality MP who had been assassinated in early June 2018.

Other victims:

30-year old Michael Abiriga survived a bullet in the chest. He was shot by police.

Robert Kyagulanyi was hunted down in am Arua hotel, where guns were planted by SFC in his room. He was captured and savagely tortured as per his own description of the incident.

Zaake Francis Butebi, the MP for Mityana Municipality was also abducted from Arua by security forces and severely tortured. He was later dumped at the gate of Rubaga Hospital

33 people power supporter arrested and thrown into unknown places of detention – badly tortured, and women raped by SFC.

Five people are reported to have lost their lives in election related violence in Arua municipality.

Journalists not spared:

In August 2018, images of the military clobbering Reuters photographer Jimmy Akena as he covered protests against the detention of MP Robert Kyaguranyi went viral.

Akena was hospitalized for more than a month at the Kampala Independent Hospital.

His equipment was also taken by regime military goons who later claimed they had mistaken him for a ‘looter.’

In November 2018, six journalists were arrested at Entebbe Airport and held in detention for four hours while they covered the return of Robert Kyagulanyi from treatment abroad, following his torture during the August 2018 Arua by-elections.

Their equipment was also confiscated.

The victims were:

Henry Lubuulwa of URN, Diana Kibuuka of CBS Radio, Eve Muganga of Daily Monitor, Charles Katabarwa of Radio Sapientia, and Emmanuel Nkata from Prime Radio.

In July 2018, police in Katakwi arrested three journalists for covering a demonstration by local mobile money operators who were protesting against the newly introduced tax on mobile money.

Those arrested were: Kenneth Odera of NTV, Eddy Enuru of NBS TV, and Simon Emwamu. Police claimed their crime was to cover an unlawful assembly.

6 Feb 2019:

Three Journalists: Kassim Mohammed, Rashid Kaweesa and Godfery Badebye of BBC, their driver Shafik, and Vivian Nakaliika Serwanja, a Ministry of Health Information officer were arrested and detained for two nights on charges of “illegal possession of government drugs.” They had been investigating the black market for drugs meant for the public health system.

List compiled by GLW team