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Museveni regime shows no concern for Ugandans dead in South Sudan


By Charles Kamya Ssentamu

Two Ugandan teachers are dead in South Sudan, killed like animals, but the government has done nothing about the incident. Completely. That should be one more reminder to Ugandans of the moral bankruptcy of Museveni and his regime. He cares absolutely zilch about ordinary Ugandans!

Pictures of the poor Ugandan teachers killed yesterday in the region of Rumbek in South Sudan show their bullet-riddled bodies in their vehicle. A responsible government upon seeing such images would immediately be on the phone to SS’s leaders, demanding written explanations.

The embassy of a government that cares for its people would be showing concern for its country’s dead citizens. They would be making arrangements to transport the bodies back to their relatives for a dignified burial. That is not what a regime like Museveni’s does.

Museveni can posture all he wants, conning the public that he “is serving Ugandans”, but his (long) record speaks for itself. Museveni’s first and foremost interest is Museveni. It is his wife, his brother, his children and his small cabal of tribesmen. That is all.

He will kill Ugandans to serve his interests, using methods like the so-called Boda-Boda 2010 to slaughter none-supporters (then turn around to imprison its patron). Museveni’s goons will torture MPs and shoot dead their supporters or employees. He will torture MPs, and he will kill several prominent Ugandans. He will finish off Muslim clerics deemed to be none-supporters. Everything to serve his interests of clinging on to power forever.

The two teachers were killed, and then taken to Juba in the back of a truck like the carcasses of animals. It was learnt that another Ugandan citizen was killed in the South Sudan capital the same day. But what did the Museveni government do? It refused to receive the bodies. Completely! The chief of the South Sudan Police, IGP Majak Akech tried to call the IGP of Uganda, but the latter declined to take his call.

Instead of showing concern for Ugandans, Museveni is only busy sowing instability in the entire region!

This regime has looted Uganda’s wealth, but it is the same one that traffics poor Ugandan women to the Arab world to be exploited inhumanly, working like slaves, or as sex slaves. This regime traffics Ugandan men, deceiving them with dubious promises of employment as security guards, upon which they go to dangerous missions in places like Iraq. Yet they never receive their pay.

I don’t know what it will take for Ugandans to wake up to this criminal regime!