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Museveni’s empty wealth creation rhetoric pushing Ugandans to the brink


By Charles Kamya Ssentamu

President Museveni continues with his 33-year old lie; this time claiming to launch his wealth creation campaign in the Bunyoro sub-region last week.

The wealth creation he talks about includes the mockery of irrigation schemes that he has taken around the country, where he uses water bottles to irrigate crops.

Everyone remembers when a few years ago, while in the Luweero area, he did the same, first by fetching water from a spring well, push it on a bicycle and goes on to distribute it on a drip-like bottles tied on a plant.

So he is taking the same to Bunyoro and in series of tweets, he goes on to brag how he has turned around the country’s economy.

One can go on and on with these empty words by Museveni, because wealth, as we know it, is not created like that.

By now, people should have pumped water nearby to irrigate their crops and also, other leaders keen on bringing wealth to the people, give them the requisite irrigation tools, not these archaic methods.

Of course, it does not require an economist to establish the lies that Museveni has fed Ugandans; things are simply not ok.

The economy is sinking deeper and deeper, a fact that was even admitted by his own central bank, in their recent quarterly outlook of the national economy.

In the report, Bank of Uganda Governor Tumusiime-Mutebile put it bluntly that the hostile policies by Museveni towards our neighbors has hurt the economy in serious ways.

For instance, Rwanda last year bought commodities from Uganda worth USD257 million or 950 billion shillings in our currency.

“Farmers and small-scale manufacturers are losing a $250m market. That’s not something to joke about. It means livelihoods and businesses ruined (farmers, producers and service-oriented firms), jobs destroyed (traders and transporters), incomes lost, government revenues lost,” Makerere University researcher Ramathan Ggoobi wrote early this month.

The general frustration from the economic mismanagement is adding to the resolve needed to collectively stand up to Museveni.

If his good friend Omar Al Bashir could be dislodged by peaceful demonstrators, so can Museveni. Not even his murderous goons of security forces can curtail a determined population in a quest to put our destiny in our hands.

He can no longer hoodwink us with his tired wealth creation narrative, when his actions only demonstrate a man keen on keeping us perpetually impoverished.