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Museveni’s plot to kill Bobi Wine; paralyse the opposition


By Tom Kirya

When Col. (Ret) Kizza Besigye our veteran opposition leader stated that Bobi Wine was the intended target of the assassination that took the life of Yassin Kawuma, it should have garnered much more alarm in the public than it did.

According to the retired Colonel Besigye, who in the bush war was Museveni’s personal physician, revealed to the press the diabolical plot by the Ugandan leader involving operatives assassinating the widely popular Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, then arresting Besigye for the crime.

“What was to happen in Arua was to kill Hon. Bobi Wine and arrest Besigye immediately for his death,” Dr. Besigye said at a press conference last Thursday in Kampala.

The fact that assassins actually killed someone (Yassin) who was seating in Bobi Wine’s car gives the first layer of credibility to Besigye’s accusation.

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Besigye, as someone who served in sensitive positions in the system before breaking away, speaks from a position of knowledge because he has informants from within the Museveni regime itself. Therefore, this is not someone who is merely making wild allegations. The first logical question if one doubts him is, why would Museveni’s forces (the Special Forces Command of UPDF which killed Yassin) be interested in eliminating a poor, harmless, driver during a by election in Arua?

There is no reason why. Kawuma’s death would be of no benefit to anyone. The real target was Wine who was very lucky not to be sitting in his car at the moment the killers struck, taking his driver’s life.
The fact Museveni wanted to kill Kyagulanyi provides the next layer of credibility to Besigye’s assertions. By killing Wine and tying the crime on Besigye, Museveni would be killing two birds with one stone.

Sowing division in opposition

Museveni would have first eliminated the serious political threat that is Bobi Wine and if he (Museveni) succeeded in tying Kyaguranyi’s death on Besigye, opposition groups would be at each other’s throats in no time.

At his press conference Dr. Besigye said: “efforts have been made to cause conflict within the opposition, which would be the launch-pad for assassinations. This nearly happened in Arua and they targeted to kill Hon. Kyagulanyi and arrest Besigye for murder.”

If that happened, the arrest of Besigye would be the icing on the cake for Museveni. With the fiery Besigye permanently in jail it would save the Ugandan leader of a man that has been a thorn in his side for years.

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Anyone who thinks Museveni would not do those kinds of things clearly has been in a coma for the 32 years the man has been in power.

When one analyses the actions of the security agencies of Museveni in Arua, one can clearly see the logic of Dr. Besigye’s assertions. After Museveni’s operatives realized it was not Kyaguranyi they had killed they went berserk.
They rushed to the hotel Wine was staying with other MPs and laid siege to the place. Kyagulanyi himself has described the extremely violent way they abducted him. It was as if these people had all along been on a mission to kill him, but were furious upon seeing they had killed another person.

They planted weapons in Bobi Wine’s room and claimed before cameras that the guns belonged to the MP, though they did not explain how it was possible for a civilian to have smuggled guns into a hotel, a place that is normally equipped with metal detectors. The fact that this charge was dropped says all that needs to be said on the matter.

It is easy to see that the guns were already at hand, and probably they were the same guns they were intending to plant on Besigye the moment it was reported Kyaguranyi was dead.

This article was originally published by “The watchman” blog

Link: https://thewatchmandotblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/10/musevenis-plot-to-kill-bobi-wine-paralyse-the-opposition/