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Museveni’s security cameras to add efficiency to his assassinations


By Sulaiman Muguwa

One of the measures of Museveni’s ten-point programme for curbing insecurity in Uganda involves installing security cameras on city streets in order to supposedly facilitate investigations by identifying the killers and tracking them. It’s rather interesting that Museveni brings up yet another ten-point programme, when one of the strongest critics against him is the fact that he abandoned the original ten-point programme that he brought to power in 1986 along with what he then suggested was a “fundamental change” in Uganda’s politics, only to turn around and emulate to near perfection the politics of his predecessors.

One of the reasons most people in our country believe that the president was being deceptive and simply buying time to look for a way out of his present desperate situation is because they are convinced that it is Museveni himself responsible for the killings that are intended to eliminate perceived political enemies in order to compete only against himself. Anyone who doubts Museveni has anything to do with the ongoing political assassinations now roiling Uganda would do better to ask themselves, why is he always the first to arrive at the crime scene; a whole head of state, as if he were some police constable investigating a crime? The speed at which he got at Kirumira’s death site confirms he was around the corner lurking, as the mission was being underway. Museveni was also seen transporting away eye witnesses! Isn’t that rather strange for a head of state? Isn’t he afraid that people may think he goes to the crime scene to ensure that the job had been well executed by his security forces (CMI, ISO, SFC) and that it cannot be traced back to him?

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If anyone ever doubted this, then the attempted assassination of Bobi Wine in Arua that claimed his driver Mr. Yasin Kawuma instead is yet another piece of evidence pointing to Museveni, and that he is leaving nothing to chance. Of what value, then, would the street cameras be, when they will be manned by his murderous security forces? Already information is being leaked that the cameras that were procured are substandard, which means that the next assassination will be blamed on camera malfunction.

Given these circumstances, one would be forgiven to believe instead that the cameras will only facilitate the assassinations. They will make it possible to track those who are targeted for elimination and make it difficult for a mistake – such as what happened in Arua when the target was missed – to recur. The “security cameras” are, in fact, tracking devices meant to ease the work of his assassins. It is to spy on those, like Kyagulanyi, that he fears the most. As the media have already reported, Museveni even tailed Kyagulanyi in the plane that teturned him from the US for treatment, planting a very pretty spy to record his every movement. You can now imagine the kind of “security cameras” being put on Bobi Wine’s street! Anyone who speaks up against the excesses around Museveni’s family and his Bahima inner circle will be subject to elimination, as cameras will be concentrated in areas where Museveni’s perceived enemies live or those they frequent; these same cameras will be used to track their movements.

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Numerous security experts are already saying the cameras are a smokescreen for what Museveni truly intends to do. Gen. Mugisha Muntu put it succinctly: “government’s move to Invest in new technologies is good, but if the country doesn’t get the best people to handle these systems, then we’re not going to be able to curb crime,” he said. This is the aspect of human intelligence that would under normal circumstances get bolstered by the addition of cameras, but has been systematically destroyed by Museveni, who has pitted security forces against each other because he fears that if they work together they could do him in. Consequently, “the tendency is that the professional officers who are already in fear would have briefed you but they also can’t because they are in fear,” the former army commander said while appearing on the “Frontline” programme on NBS Television. According to him, “state management is like a circuit and if not fully and respectively managed, crime can’t easily be curbed. If you don’t complete that circuit then you’re not going to cause fear in those who commit crime.” Moreover, since the suspect is the president, the cameras can only add efficiency to the commission of the crime not its neutralisation.

This article was originally published by “The watchman” blog

Link: https://thewatchmandotblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/01/musevenis-security-cameras-to-add-efficiency-to-his-assassinations/