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Museveni’s SFC abducted, tortured MP Zaake on orders of Gen. Kainerugaba

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake and Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

By Moses Ssejjoba

A group of Ugandan activists are convinced Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the man behind the torture of Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake who is currently fighting for his life at Lubaga Hospital in Kampala.

Zaake’s condition follows a grueling 10-day ordeal at the hands of torturers linked to Ugandan security services, led by one Amos Kagoro – an officer attached to Special Forces Command. SFC is charged with the protection of President Museveni and his family and nowhere it its statute does it have a law enforcement mandate, let alone license to torture and kill Ugandans like they have been doing over the years.

According to latest information, Kagoro commanded the abduction and torture of the opposition legislator, who met his worst nightmare at the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) in Mbuya. After he was unmasked, Kagoro who is a frequent user of social media platforms, especially Facebook, immediately deleted his account.

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Hon. Zaake was picked up from his village home in Mityana on the night of April 19 by another SFC agent Alex Mwine, who among other things was one of the individuals that led the onslaught on Rwenzururu traditional leader Wesley Mumbere’s palace in Kasese – an atrocity that claimed hundreds of innocent lives. It was Mwine that handed Zaake to Kagoro.

Officially, Zaake was told that the accusation against him was of “flouting social distancing measures” in place by supplying food to his starving constituents. But Zaake was not produced before any court, for a whole ten days. When they did bring him, it was as if they were carrying a dead body. The shocked judges immediately ordered that the MP be transferred to a medical facility.

“Kagoro welded a sharp rifle muzzle which he edged into Zaake’s stomach. He further used his rifle’s knife to cut make cuts into Zaake’s chest,” said an anonymous source to a group of People Power activist. The account by this source is consistent with the wounds Zaake, a member of the People Power Movement, is suffering.

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“Hon. Zaake was, for lack of a better word, severely tortured. When I met him, his face was swollen, his eyes could not see, and he spoke with a lot of difficulty…I pray that his health is restored,” said seasoned lawyer Nicolas Opio, Zaake’s attorney.

Led by fellow legislator, Robert Kyagulanyi, People Power’s popularity as a pressure group aimed at bringing an end to Museveni’s rule of 34 years is “causing sleepless nights in State House.” Bobi Wine himself has come in for severe torture in the not distant past.

According to sources, Kagoro was the same officer who took charge of the torture of Kyagulanyi back in August 2018, when in ensuing violence during the by-election of Arua Municipality MP, he ended up being arrested and tortured, leaving him with injuries that he had to travel abroad to have taken care of.

“Kagoro is the same man who ordered a hit on Bobi Wine back in Arua, the same hit that missed him by the whiskers and instead took the life of his driver, Yassin Kawuma,” said another source. Kyagulanyi was to be abducted and kept incommunicado for weeks amidst public outcry, and by the time he was produced before court he, like Zaake, could barely stand on his own.

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Kagoro, independent sources have confirmed to this website, is part of a small group of officers attached to the SFC who report directly to Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, President Museveni’s senior advisor on special operations. First Son Muhoozi long ago put together the team of torturers and assassins when he still was commander of SFC, according to everyone in the know.

The group of elite assassins was handpicked by Muhoozi on orders of his father, and their specific mission is twofold: decimate any credible opposition to Museveni and instill fear among Ugandans that dare raise their voice against the Museveni tyranny. “They have very deep pockets and they have license to kill with impunity; that is why they will not think twice about brutalizing journalists in full glare of cameras,” sources comment.

Among the string of atrocities of which the killings of Yassin Kawuma, Hannington Sswewankambo aka Sweet Pepsi, Ziggy Wine and others, the same people have also brutalized journalists such as photographer James Akena who is confined to a wheelchair as a result of torture.

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Muhoozi’s goon squad also has been linked to poisonings that quietly ‘puts out of action’ those that are a perceived threat to Museveni’s entrenchment of a life presidency, or anyone seen as trying to derail Museveni’s long-term ambition of enthroning his son as his successor. Among these victims is former UPDF boss, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima who was killed by apparent poisoning in 2015 while on a plane on his way from an official visit in Korea.

Nyakairima, who was internal affairs minister at the time of his death, was opposed to the so-called Muhoozi Project, the not-so-secretive plan in place to ensure the First Son takes over when Museveni is gone. For Muhoozi and his group, it is personal that young firebrand politicians like Kyagulanyi and Zaake are silenced