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Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

In an ongoing effort to look for scapegoats for Uganda’s problems, a news website ChimpReports has – as usual without an iota of proof – made several serious allegations.

The first is that “Museveni has obtained intelligence from many quarters that ‘a country’ wanted Gen. (Kale) Kayihura to succeed him.”

No prizes for guessing which “country” that website coyly references, for it is no secret that Museveni’s leadership these days has found a nemesis to pile blame on for each and every one of Uganda’s calamities that result from a leadership that has totally run out of ideas.

The website goes on to throw around some really wild allegations. “Gen. Kayihura, one of Museveni’s finest military strategists, was suspected of being involved in a grand plan supported by external forces to take power,” it says.

And how, according to this “news report”, was that alleged grand plan to be carried out? The website says the plan was to turn Uganda into a failed state by promoting crime especially kidnaps, assassinations and bombings. “This would kill the economy as well as scare away potential tourists and investors”.

Who in their mind really believes that there is any external help needed to “turn” Uganda into a failed state? Even the regime’s insiders like Kasule Lumumba, the NRM Secretary General, have openly admitted that an “implosion” is taking place within Uganda’s leadership and that the main cause is none other than Gen. Museveni.
Why then help to turn Uganda into a failed state when Museveni is entirely capable of doing so all by himself?

As obvious as the answers to these questions are, the article nonetheless continues to the end in that line of thinking.

Why would it take other countries to “promote crime” in Uganda when Museveni is there? Who doesn’t know that Museveni and his Mafia-like Bahima cabal have been inflicting endless crimes on poor Ugandan for well over three decades?

Their thieving started from the word go when each passing day Ugandans saw their hard-earned savings go up in smoke after the regime unilaterally declared it was introducing a new currency and people were told that for every 7000 shillings they were to get 1!

After that, it was theft of people’s coffee and other cash crops, which Honorable Nandala Mafabi has clearly demonstrated on numerous occasions. As the regime got greedier it got more violent and the calamities we see today only are the logical outcome of that process.

The assassinations, the kidnappings, terrorism, and all kinds of crimes are a consequence of Museveni’s particular brand of leadership that sows division and then chaos, as is now the case in the security forces.

But Museveni and his intelligence agencies shameless propaganda machine think Ugandans have such short memories that they forget that even before people like Abiriga, Kaweesi and others so sadly lost their lives, Ugandans whether powerful, prominent or just ordinary citizens have been losing their lives through senseless violence for years.

This was long before Museveni and his intelligence propagandists had discovered external scapegoats.

The list of those Ugandans is too long to go into here, beginning with fellows like Col. Jet Mwebaze, Brig. Noble Mayombo, Gen. Kazini, several Muslim clerics, and so many others.

But Museveni is a man whose character is too capricious to ever admit what is now obvious to everyone: the man is sinking the ship and drowning Ugandans along the way.

Does Museveni truly believe that Ugandans are that gullible that they don’t see that by turning to scapegoats he is attempting to deflect from his own weaknesses and the sinking ship of a regime?

As Museveni tries to sink while holding Ugandans at ransom, does he as well aim to go down with the entire region, and could this be the reason for blaming other countries for his failures?