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Nantaba will not escape Museveni’s executioners

Minister Aidah Nantaba and President Museveni.

By Charles Kamya Ssentamu

The State Minister for ICT, Idah Nantaba once again made explosive revelations on national television, when she unraveled a state-engineered plot to kill her.

While speaking to NBS journalist Samson Kasumba on his programme, Focal Point, Nantaba said attempts have been made on her life on several occasions since 2014.

Even more damning, she said that she has presented her fears to her boss, President Museveni but he has done nothing to avert them.

“The people who are after my life are the same people who killed Kaweesi (former Police boss, Andrew Felix Kaweesi), the same who killed Abiriga (former MP for Aria), Joan Kagezi (senior prosecutor) and Kirumira (Muhammad, a senior Police officer) and many others,” she said in a chilling testimony.

Asked how Museveni reacted after she presented to him her concerns, she only said that the President knows the people.

“They are within his circle,” she said matter-of-factly.

Nantaba said the recent attempt to assassinate her, which occurred two months ago, had only emboldened her to open the lid on the suffering she has endured at the hands of her pursuers for years.

“I realized that keeping quiet (or even waiting for Museveni to act) would only keep me a target by the same individuals, so I would rather speak out,” said the woman, who was once known as a darling of Museveni. She said that actually, information she got was that the “senior person within security” who had commanded a hit on her was promoted.

She said that they have once poisoned her and she had to quietly spend a month in Nairobi being treated.

In deciding to tell all, she is only echoing Mohammed Kirumira’s sentiments a few weeks before he was gunned down, when he said “when you keep quiet, you die, and when you speak you die, I have decided to speak so the public know.”

Nantaba seems to face the same predicament. She recounted the recent incident – in which one Ronald Ssebulime pursued her on a motorcycle and ended up being gunned down by police even after he had been arrested – how state functionaries were deployed to skew the story.

“I was rung by some journalists to tell me that a fellow cabinet minister had called them at the Serena (Hotel) and given them money to sway the story (of Ssebulime)”.

Indeed our highly corrupt media did just that; they blamed Nantaba for ordering for the shooting of Ssebulime and it only took her perseverance for the public to start punching holes in the story that Police and the media had sold to them.

“Why would I want a man who wanted to kill me executed even after he had been placed into custody?” She wondered before adding, “I would have wanted him to tell me the person on whose orders he was acting on.”

In fact, as it turned out, she was not anywhere near the scene from where he had been executed by the police. In trying to make sense of these revelations, we sought views of different security analysts who all said that this was all the work of Museveni and that is how he has been known to operate, even before he captured power 33 years ago.

“Even her speaking out will not exonerate her; once Museveni has used and dumped you, you are done. Not even coming out will save you,” one analyst told this website.

In fact, he says, Nantaba has only made her predicament worse.

“Her continuing to talk, out of desperation, means she will spill more beans and that is what Museveni will not tolerate, he would rather deal with a dead person and for him human life is nothing anyway, as we have seen over the years,” added the analyst.

Indeed in the interview, she sounded like she knew much about her case than she was saying, and at some point she came short of spilling the beans.

“That is what Museveni does not want,” he added.