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New evidence on execution of People Power’s Dan Kyeyune ignites anger among Ugandans

People Power's Dan Kyeyune and Bobi Wine.

By Moses Ssejjoba

Fresh details have emerged about the grisly murder of Dan Kyeyune, a young Ugandan that was killed by President Museveni’s murderous militia in late February.

Kyeyune’s only crime was being a supporter of the People Power Movement, which many young Ugandans continue to identify with, owing to the hope it gives them after 35 years of Museveni misrule. In the video, a peaceful procession is seen of People Power supporters as a motorcade, including the vehicle carrying its leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, approaches Nansana town.

Then, as people straddle the road to welcome Kyagulanyi and many of his comrades that were returning from the burial of another of their key mobilisers, Rita Nabukenya (who a few days before had been run over by a police patrol truck in the morning as she returned from dropping her kids from school), security officials begin creating chaos.

Suddenly indiscriminate shooting begins and a few minutes later Kyeyune is seen lying in a pool of blood, as LDUs and police officers continue to shoot to disperse the peaceful procession. At the tender age of 33, Kyeyune was murdered in cold blood, on February 25.

The damning evidence shedding more light on the murder is contained in a video released by People Power on Tuesday, after police failed to come up with the same. The video shows an officer attached to Local Defense Unit (LDU) the militia outfit that does Museveni’s dirty work. He launched this outfit at the end of 2018 under the guise of “fighting crime”. LDU however is more known for recruiting a lot of idle goons and thugs from urban areas.

“Today, we released this video which was recorded at the scene of comrade Dan Kyeyune’s murder in Nansana,” reads a statement from People Power. “Our investigations show that Dan was shot dead by an LDU officer called Faizal Kakooza also known as Kadogo (captured in this video).”

The popular movement declared that they are gathering all evidence to take legal action both at the domestic as well as through international mechanisms. The graphic details showing the circumstances in which the young man – who already was betrothed to his fiancé and whose wedding was slated for May – was murdered have ignited anger.

Multitudes of Ugandans are outraged; repeating the mantra enough is enough! “Feeling frustrated and upset I can’t even express myself adequately. Imagine guns in the hands of irresponsible militia; they are licensed to kill for power-angry Museveni, not to serve and protect us,” said Anna Waniiya a PP supporter on social media.

One of the things that infuriates many Ugandans is that during the burial of Kyeyune, Museveni sent emissaries to intimidate the deceased’s parents into making false graveside declarations that he had been an NRM supporter.

Still, police deliberately refused to release the CCTV footage of the murder that happened on the roadside, in full range of the security cameras that Ugandans taxpayers paid for a staggering Ushs 900 billion. Many commentators point out that as Museveni counts more years in office, he is getting even more paranoid.

This is one more reason so many feel this man must go. “We need a people’s government which will at the very least respect the lives and values of the people of Uganda,” said Waniiya. Another People Power supporter, George Kakinda said Kyeyune’s death was a premeditated murder. “It is so sad that a mob is recruited by Museveni to kill or intimidate on taxpayer money.

“We were already suffering with police, the UPDF and the notorious SFC, and now we also have trigger-happy LDU mobs to deal with!” griped Kakinda.

Kyeyune and Nabukenya, a single mother that was raising two pre-teen daughters, were just the latest in the spate of murders of People Power supporters since Bobi Wine who is also the current MP for Kyadondo East emerged as a serious contender for the Presidency.

The Museveni regime has executed several People Power members including the likes of Hakim Ssekamwa, who was knocked down by a police patrol car, Michael Kalinda aka Ziggy Wyne who was murdered by police after being kidnapped and Hannington Ssewankambo aka Sweet Pepsi who was battered by SFC to his death.

Others are; Yussuf Kalende also deliberately run over by a police patrol truck, Vincent Sserugaya who was shot dead in Gomba; Yassin Kawuma, the personal driver to Hon. Kyagulanyi who was executed by SFC in Arua, and Asuman Walyendo shot dead in Bugiri, to name but a few.

John Bosco Kibalama the treasurer to People Power was abducted by security operatives and has been missing since June 2019. Neither has he been heard of since.

Kyaguranyi has announced he will challenge Museveni in the 2021 General Elections, and for all intents and purposes Museveni appears very determined to intimidate him.