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People Power: a new dawn for Uganda


By Moses Ssejjoba

Opposition supremo, MP Robert Kyagulanyi has finally unveiled his team of countrywide mobilizers who will help continue galvanizing support for new political formation People Power.

The mobilizers include seasoned politicians from across political organizations, who will lead teams that represent all demographic groups, regions and gender, and these will be answerable to the governing council at the national level.

The council is led by MP Kyagulanyi – the popular Bobi Wine – who is the de facto leader of People Power. The council, on which all regional chief mobilizers will sit, will also rely on counsel from a group of eminent Ugandans.

Already, the Museveni junta is feeling more threatened. They have thrown a spanner in the works, in effort to frustrate this very popular political movement. For instance, on the morning of Wednesday, the day the meeting to announce the new leadership took place, the hotel that had been booked as the venue, had its management arm-twisted by the Museveni junta to turn the delegates away, refusing to host the meeting on the last minute.

It had to be through the pragmatic leaders and their team of committed volunteers that an alternative venue was hastily improvised, at the residence of MP Kyagulanyi in Magere. The event finally proceeded without a hitch and it was well attended by among others key NRM politicians including members of parliament.

As was later stated in clear terms by Hon John Baptist Nambeshe who was tapped by Kyagulanyi to head the team from Bugisu region, there was no end in sight for the Museveni rule.

Nambeshe, a popular NRM die-hard from Bududa District later told the media that like his other colleagues, he chose to join People Power after realizing that Museveni didn’t have much to offer and had no intention of relinquishing power.

Museveni has got so drunk on power that dislodging him through internal democracy within NRM has become untenable. At a personal level Nambeshe’s disgruntlement could not be traced further than the suffering his people of Bududa have endured at the hands of deadly landslides, which Museveni has continued to lie he would fix and it’s now going into decades.

“Even without a structure, the popularly that has been galvanized by People Power is amazing. No part of the country you will go and they do not know People Power,” said a political analyst who spoke to this website. He said that this is no easy feat, given that most political outfits that have existed for decades are still unknown, especially in the countryside.

Most importantly, the analyst said, this new movement already enjoys unparalleled support among the youth from across the country, which he says is a strong foundation.

However, even with the solid foundation, the team has a lot of work ahead of them if they are to dislodge Museveni, as was stressed by Kyagulanyi during his inaugural speech.

First of all, Museveni is known, through his 33-year rule of Uganda to use any means at his disposal to ensure total annihilation of any potential threat to his rule.

In the run up to the 2021 Presidential elections, he will pull all manner of tricks to disintegrate People Power, which has proven a force to reckon with. He will use the taxpayer’s money to bribe them, he will dangle political appointments to them and will unleash his brutal security forces on them.

Most recently, this website uncovered a covert operation that is directly supervised by Museveni’s son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba that is specifically aiming at dismantling People Power. The plan, besides offering bribes in millions of dollars for the key players to abandon the struggle, also includes eliminating them with a deadly nerve agent procured from Russia that will ensure the victims appear to die of a natural cause.

It will be a truly hard struggle, but People Power looks up to the task.


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