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People Power says enough of Museveni and his so-called Bush War generals!


By Moses Ssejjoba

Last Friday, members of the parliamentary committee on rules, privileges and discipline were left baffled at the blatant contempt exhibited by the Minister for Security, General Elly Tumwine.

Tumwine had been summoned by the committee to explain the different cases against him, rotating around his contemptuous nature towards Parliament and fellow members. Besides being minister, Tumwine is also an army representative in parliament a position he has held for decades. He had been specifically summoned to answer accusations of uttering statements aimed at belittling Parliament and the person of the Speaker.

Barely a week ago, he had been in the news for attempting to beat up another member of parliament, Cecilia Ogwal within the precincts of parliament, among many other allegations.

The evidence to this effect is already available on the CCTV cameras of Parliament.

However, Tumwine, instead of attempting to answer to the allegations or at least offer an apology given the overwhelming evidence pinning him, decided to disparage the committee members – which he did by waving at them his “credentials” as a “Freedom Fighter”.

In a session that quickly degenerated into some sort of a comic skit Tumwine, once accusations were read to him, decided to remind them how he “liberated the country” before he broke into war-time songs. Like many of his ilk, starting from his boss, President Museveni, he reminded fellow lawmakers that he participated in the NRA war that catapulted Museveni into power 33 years ago.

“Not only the people of Uganda, but the entire East Africa knows how much we have sacrificed for this country,” he told his colleagues. The fact that Tumwine could knowingly disregard all the House rules in such a manner speaks a lot about Museveni and his so-called bush war generals.

Despite looting the country to the bone during their 33 years after violently taking power, their sense of entitlement is only growing by leaps and bounds. Just a few months ago, another “bush general”, Matayo Kyaligonza together with his military escort descended on a lady traffic police officer who was on duty on a Kampala street.

The lady’s “offence” was to try to stop the general whose car had flouted traffic rules and in the process causing a jam that was fully avoidable. While answering to critics of this thuggish behavior, Kyaligonza only used the platform to remind Ugandans that he “liberated the country”.

Another incident occurred years back when Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi, while in court battling charges of millions of dollars he and his cronies swindled, seized the opportunity to remind the judge that he had a license to break all the laws because, yes, “he liberated the country”.

“Where were you when we were fighting to liberate this country? You have no moral authority to question me,” Muhwezi told a very respectable principal judge of the High Court of Uganda. In other incidents we have seen other deranged so-called generals like Kasirye Ggwanga.

The man likes to brandish guns, and occasionally shoot at people, and objects.

None of these people has ever been held answerable for their acts. But then it would be naive to expect any repercussions because in fact the same is common practice by Museveni himself. Museveni and his so-called Generals have used this long-past-its-sell-by-date liberation song to terrorize Ugandans at every turn. That is one of the main reasons impunity has reigned in Uganda.

To them, institutions, right from the most sacred ones like Parliament and the judiciary do not matter. It is only about Museveni, and once you are in his good books you will enjoy all state protection there is.

But now Ugandans seem to have reached that point where they will not take this any longer. The so-called generals who have used their war to justify the regime’s excesses do this at the expense of thousands who spilled their blood so that Museveni gets power.

It is also at the very expense of those tens of thousands of innocent civilians, especially in the Greater Luweero area, who were killed.

The People Power movement, and the overwhelming support it enjoys in the country is the clearest manifestation that Ugandans have had far more than enough of the so-called bush generals and everything they represent.