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Regime has no interest in ending violence in Uganda Police, late DPC Kirumira


By John Kakooza

In a video doing the rounds on the Internet, the former DPC of Buyende, the late Muhammad Kirumira has, as if speaking from beyond the grave, launches a blistering attack on the police system under President Yoweri Museveni.

Reports are that the video was recorded at a time Kirumira was marked for death, precisely because he was ready to speak out and expose the utter rot in the Uganda Police Force. The late Kirumira reveals that even when the president removed (former Inspector General of Police) Kale Kayihura and had him arrested, to replace him with Current IGP Okoth Ochola and his Deputy Maj. Gen. Sabiiti Muzeeyi, it was just window dressing. The president never was committed to cleaning up the rot in the force because, as Kirumira reveals, a) Museveni benefits from violence, and b) the welfare, or well-being of ordinary policemen and women is of no concern to him!

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To the ruler, police is only of use to him as a tool of violent repression, to deliver electoral wins to him.

Below we translate the video for you – which was recorded in Luganda – and present Kirumira’s words in their entirety.

Link to the Video

Addressing someone, or some entity called Kakensa begins:

“We have to share all the information, and these people must fall! When an ordinary policeman does something good, they say ‘that one is a thief!’ When one of theirs do wrong things, they see nothing wrong! They and their groups work only for themselves – that’s why I resigned, to fight them!

Now Kakensa, I want you to do the following analysis, on this man Brigadier Sabiiti Muzeeyi. And Ochola. These people aren’t going to clean up the (Uganda) Police, because of the following reasons:

The first one is, Ochola has been in Police 30 years and there is no change he can bring about. He himself in that time has worked under different Police leaderships. He was there during (John) Odomel’s time, also Kisembo, Katumba Wamala and other IGPs. Ochola was in Police at the time of the Ssebutinde Commission (the famous late-nineties inquiry into corruption and other rot in Uganda Police).

Amongst the individuals that the Commission recommended to be dismissed – all the senior officers tainted with wrongdoing – not one was dismissed.

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All of them, including stayed in their positions! They were the big guys at the time: the commissioners and assistant commissioners! Today they are the men at the apex of the Police Force, yet they are the people Ssebutinde recommended to be dismissed, and to be charged; because of mishandling the Traffic Department; the Operations Department, and CID!

The problems of Police such as lack of housing for the rank and file policemen long predated Kayihura. It is an old problem whose solution can’t come about unless all the directors in Police have been sacked or sent away on missions to Europe. If Museveni can, let him get strong, retired citizens; those with a security background, or a public service background, or judges and others. These can then be sent to do police courses after which he (Museveni) would use his powers to directly appoint them as police directors.

That is because the directors are the ones in charge of all planning; all the strategic planning. The current ones are rotten; completely rotten! There is not even one good one amongst them!

Now, for Sabiiti Muzeeyi, his problem is first of all the people he works with completely mistrust him. They call him a spy amidst them. They are very suspicious of him and are certain he came to spy on them, and then write reports on them after which they will get sacked! So they do not give him good advice. He can’t properly work because he is all along, though he has all the powers.

Muzeeyi’s second problem is that he comes from the First Family. His colleagues and underlings therefore are suspicious that he is in the position he is to work for the First Family! Recently Museveni has made a comment that Police did not help him in Rukungiri, meaning he wants Police to do exactly what it was doing in (former IGP) Kayihura’s time, though they have been trying to show in the new leadership that they want to avoid violence.

But they misunderstand their boss; he is someone that gains from violence, though violence is what embarrasses Police in the public! But Museveni doesn’t mind about that. Police will get embarrassed but Museveni will not be! Whatever embarrassments Police faces, in wreaking violence on the public; in failing in its duties to maintain security, law and order, all that matters very little to Museveni! To him Police is a political tool to ensure winning votes!

That’s why when Police did not commit violence in Rukungiri, it offended Museveni. The DPC of Rukungiri Moses Nanoka was one time at Wandegeya as the DPC. They had gotten him from Sironko. When Nanoka arrived at Wandegeya as the DPC, around the time in June or July last year – one of those times (Kizza) Besigye was released from the Police cells after charging him with swearing himself in as president – there had been violence against Besigye and his supporters.

The policemen on duty were charged in court with beating people, and some were stripped of their ranks. Though they appealed, their appeals have never been accorded a hearing. Therefore when they sent the same person – DPC Nanoka – to Rukungiri, there is no way he could have used violence, unless directly ordered to!

But what happened when DPC Nanoka desisted from violence? Museveni was very offended! He said “Police did not help me in Rukungiri!” By implication that means in the eyes of Museveni Nanoka did wrong by desisting from beating, and roughing up people, to ensure it won the vote for him!

Do you know what will happen next? They will transfer that DPC Nanoka, and even take away his DPC appointment. He no longer has a week in his post, because Museveni has complained! He has complained, so there is going to be a change.

Concerning the ongoing violent murders in the country, Sabiiti Muzeeyi is going to get active; to show he is doing something. But now instead he is inaugurating junk aircraft; that’s a loss! Next he is at Namugongo to examine the situation there, which should have been the work of the Director of Operations, who is below Muzeyi!

Ochola who is among the people that ruined the police is boss. So how can he who’s just come from the military be the one to guide Ochola to clean up the Police that he and others like him ruined long ago?! They ruined the Police by failing to build housing for policemen. They ruined the force by not giving policemen adequate salaries. They ruined it through tribal nepotism. Ochola himself when he got his position as IGP now is employing people from the east and north only!

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So there is just no change that will come about in police; the morale of the police will be completely down. Their motivation will be rock bottom. They have no food. They have no fuel. They have no allowances. All the allowances that Police used to give ended. There are no plans, such as shared costs to help policemen send their children to school. When the policemen go to hospital, they have no insurance card, and so on!

Only those that get big positions, the Enangas, the Obwanas, the Onyangos, the Odongs are the ones going to gain!

Police has 3 levels: strategic planning, operational, implementation and tactical. Now, at strategic planning level, their job is to make budgets for the police and allocate monies. But when they get the money, they begin planning how to embezzle it! They use all the money to buy junk vehicles, scrap aircraft so as to pocket the difference! They do not help the ordinary policeman or woman in any way. They have built no new housing.

On the lower end when it comes to operational planning, things are dead; there is no way you can cut down crime, because the foot patrollers; the vehicle patrollers; the motorcycle patrollers, the police guarding the banks, and others are all badly off! Yet these are never transferred. It means even if one changes the DPCs ten times, the same policemen in Old Kampala, Wandegeya, Kawempe, Kiira Road, Entebbe, Munyonyo etc etc, when sent out on patrol just wonder aimlessly around and come back!

So, drug use goes up. The numbers of petty criminals like pickpockets go up…crime is high because the ordinary, day to day policemen are apathetic, they do not get transferred or go for courses! They are completely ineffective!

Even those cameras you see are ineffective; their operators care less, and they aren’t even properly connected to Internet networks!

That is the situation!”


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