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Resistance ‘only way out for Uganda’, ahead of Museveni power play


By John Kakooza

Analysts say the early decision by NRM to declare Museveni its flag bearer – ahead of 2021 whereby he will stand for an unheard of sixth term in Uganda’s history – is meant for him to identify who his targets are, and eliminate them before hand. He is getting his jails, safe houses, rubber bullets and tear gas ready!, commentators are saying.The announcement, that the NRM Central Executive Committee following a retreat at Chobe Lodge has unanimously endorsed Museveni as party candidate for the upcoming elections in 2021 “and beyond”, surprised no one at all. What it has done however is to stoke up the anger of ordinary Ugandans against Museveni to new levels. Several people have taken to social media to vent their outrage at what many call “a predictable circus that began long ago, and that people are very tired of!” Some prominent Ugandans are openly wishing for the downfall of the regime.“There are various forms of resistance; there are prayer groups praying that this regime collapses; there is one resistance happening on social media, and I hope there are ways we are culturally able to resist this takeover,” said outspoken Bishop Zac Niringiye, quoted by NBS TV. The man of God goes on to warn that, “If we do not do anything as a country, we shall repeat the violent history that we have known.”Some seasoned observers predict that by maneuvering to run a record sixth term, Uganda’s life president (in all but name) has signed his own downfall.“The citizens of this country, the vast majority of them born after he came to power are very tired and very frustrated,” said a political commentator. That already is a well-known fact. What is new is that the youths, and very many Ugandans that aren’t necessarily so young, are more ready to resist than ever before.They have found expression in People Power. They are looking at young people with fresh ideas such as the leaders of people power. That is why Museveni, going by all the reports, is more frightened of Bobi Wine than anyone and has even been willing to shoot to kill rather than let the popular young MP succeed at organizing, or at support-mobilizing activities.“But the youths of this country can no longer be put off, and even if Museveni were to succeed in shutting down one young leader, several more will rise, especially now when he is now a de-facto life president,” predicted a prominent media commentator.Fiery South African MP Julius Malema recently said, “Age will sort Museveni!”Malema is mistaken, going by the atmosphere in Uganda. The youth may end up sorting Museveni.


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