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The Museveni regime selling Uganda’s children


By Moses Ssejjoba
The fallout from the sexual and forced labor trafficking scandal whereby young Ugandans are sold into the Middle East – by members of the Museveni family – is still coming thick and fast. That is a week after MP Betty Nambooze announced the arrival from the Arab world of a planeload of near-dead Ugandans at Entebbe.
One such person was Doreen Magezi. When she was approached for an opportunity to go and work in the Middle East, she was elated. She not only saw this as an end to unemployment and poverty, which she had endured for years, she also saw it as the much-needed breakthrough to deliver her family from a vicious cycle of poverty.
Little did she know that this was the beginning of a torturous adventure, whose wounds she will probably nurse for the rest of her life. According to (Mukono Municipality) MP Nambooze, she got a distress call from Doreen who was languishing in the Middle East where she had been sold into slavery. The girl Nambooze on behalf of many others languishing with her.
Doreen and dozens of other girls who were freed following the intervention of Nambooze arrived in the country last Friday. Everyone by now knows the story. At the airport parents wept on sight of their daughters, whom they had seen off in very good health yet many could hardly walk and some had to be carried off the aircraft.
“The girls had broken limbs, with bruises all over them…they were so skinny and sick. Some could not walk and from the plane they had to be wheeled out in wheelchairs,” said Nambooze in a post on social media.
The girls were sold into slavery by a company known as Marpie International that is owned by a one Ruth Karungi, whose husband is Commissioner of Police Henry Tukahirwa. The company advertises itself as a labor agency.
On reaching Jordan in the Middle East, Magezi and the rest were immediately taken to a slave market and she was bought for US$ 3000. This dehumanizing experience actually happened to this young woman. Museveni and his regime members actually are selling the children of Uganda to be sold on stalls, with Arabs actually bidding for them, in the Twenty-First Century.
That is how Magezi’s suffering started; the family that had bought her immediately started treating her like an animal until she got her break, through a call she put to Nambooze about two weeks ago.
However, as if to show how highly connected these sellers of humans are, even after the girls were freed and returned, they still pursued them saying they must refund the money paid for them by their Arab masters! According to Nambooze, Magezi who was sick and badly emaciated was immediately handcuffed and taken into custody and was forced to record a statement, with a gun to her head.
That all this could happen within the precincts of Entebbe International Airport, shows just how brazen Uganda’s ruling Mafia has become. “They feel they own the country and we are all their slaves!” a Ugandan social media user bitterly complained.
Fortunately for Doreen and the other girls, Nambooze was on hand to help negotiate her temporary release and she has since been taken to hospital where she is receiving treatment. For those who still wonder why these companies feel so emboldened that they can continue with this criminal enterprise in broad daylight, look no further than an expose this website published just a few weeks back.
It shows a well-coordinated criminal ring that is made up of few highly influential individuals, including members of the First Family. Among those listed include first daughter Patience and her husband Odrek Rwabwogo, who use a network of churches they have established across the country as a recruitment ground for the youth – to sell into Middle East slavery.
Others that were named included Museveni’s son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Museveni’s brother Salem Saleh. Others that were implicated included the UPDF’s Chief of Defense Forces, Gen. David Muhoozi.
For girls like Magezi who miraculously made it back, much as they are still being hunted by these criminals to pay back the money for which they were sold, they may now be safe. Many others have not been this lucky and dozens of them die in the Middle East every year, while thousands of others are still trapped there.
Quite a few have been sold specifically to be dismembered and their body organs extracted and sold.
Almost all these youths that find themselves at the mercy of these predators are educated and should under ordinary circumstances be in the country and making meaningful contribution to the building of a nation. But the Museveni leadership has completely curtailed their chances and they have been left with no option but to submit themselves to the lies of the predators.


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