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Why Museveni will let the Middle East criminal enterprise thrive

Dictator Museveni.

By Moses Ssejjoba

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labor Pius Bigirimana has in a recent communication said his ministry is carrying out a review of companies that are engaged in exporting labor to foreign countries. In the statement, Bigirimana skirts around the core issue of the plight of young Ugandans who are killed in these countries; instead, he dwells on the need for the companies to submit their documents for proper tax evaluation.

His letter does not mention the fact that these agencies are the same ones sending poor Ugandan youths – mainly girls – to their deaths, or, for those lucky to survive to exist in perpetual slavery in Middle East countries. A recent expose, which was sent to President Museveni, listed at least 48 deaths of Ugandan girls in the Middle East, mainly in Oman, Saudi Arabia and Jordan just last year.

At least 80 others are still missing, according to the well-researched dossier, which went ahead to list the companies that are involved in this evil business. Noteworthy was the proximity to Museveni of the individuals listed to be behind those companies, including several members of the First Family.

What is most surprising however is the fact that the evil trade does not just stop at selling these Ugandan youths into slavery, but goes beyond that; selling them to be killed and their body organs extracted to be sold! “Your Excellency; Odrek Rwabwogo and Patience Museveni Rwabwogo work with Robert Baldwin one of the top human organs merchants in the world through his company GIM Security,” reads part of the dossier, which we have previously published in full.

It adds: “Baldwin’s agents are reported to control one of the largest human farms in Libya which is now ranked as the number one human organs market in the world.”

Rwabwogo is the husband to Patience, a daughter to President Museveni and according to the report, they work through their well established network of churches across the country to recruit their victims. It does not end there; other members of the First Family listed in the illicit trade include Museveni’s brother General Salim Saleh, First Son General Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kuteesa.

The latter also is Muhoozi’s father in law. Others mentioned include the Minister of Justice Gen. Kahinda Otafiire and the Chief of Defense Force General David Muhoozi and former minister and a regular courtier at State House Maj. Gen. Jim Muhwezi.

The most outstanding thing is that the victims in all this are all Ugandans apart from one ethnicity – the Bahima, the same group which Museveni associates himself with. According to the dossier, attempts to discuss this criminal enterprise by Parliament has been thwarted flatly, while the mainstream media have been intimidated out of coverage of the subject.

It therefore becomes interesting when the ministry that is supposed to have jumped to this dossier, only picks interest in fiscal matters, which are the preserve of Uganda Revenue Authority. “Those who think Museveni will ever act on this are just naive; in fact, Bigirimana’s letter only wants to ensure those in this business are protected so the evil business thrives,” said a source from the Labor Ministry well briefed on the matter.

It is therefore not surprising that not a single government official from the Embassies in those countries has ever come out to support these poor Ugandans, especially those that have gotten the opportunity to seek help after they have escaped. It has been their families which have fundraised to send them the fare to return home.

It goes without saying that the youth who are being flown out of the country to their death or enslavement, are of other tribes than Bahima, while the latter continue to enjoy all the few decent jobs still available in Uganda. It must be noted that most of the poor young Ugandans who have fallen victim are graduates that have failed to get jobs.

It is vital that Ugandans be fully consciousness of the evil of the Museveni regime before he dissipates an entire generation. As for Bigirimana, history will be on his side if he attempts to do the right thing and put a halt to this bloody scheme, or at least make an attempt to do so, seeing that those involved are very powerful.