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With Muhoozi Project on in earnest, expect more Kabuletas

First Son Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the man to inherit the Presidency.

By Moses Ssejjoba

The bad old days of Idi Amin and Obote 2 are fully back in Uganda, no disputes about that! Case in point is the recent abduction of Joseph Kabuleta, former sports scribe, now evangelical pastor. In the style of Idi Amin’s notorious State Research Bureau, men in civilian clothes that did not identify themselves pounced on Kabuleta in a restaurant in Forest Shopping Mall, Lugogo and dragged him out.

Kabuleta wasn’t told why he was being arrested. Due process in the Museveni of Uganda long ago died a natural death. We can only dream of it in our sleep. It even gets worse when one is perceived a threat to Museveni’s rule, and now his envisaged political dynasty.

Ugandans circulated the photos of the car in which Kabuleta was abducted. His only crime was that he had dared express himself, on his social media platforms, about what he felt about the so-called Muhoozi Project.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the First son also is heir apparent to the Museveni throne. At least that’s what the Muhoozi Project is all about. They are working around the clock to have the meteorically promoted son, who has had everything in life handed to him on a plate, installed as the next president of the Republic of Uganda.

The citizens of Uganda however are in no mood for monarchies. They will fight tooth and nail to overturn the nefarious Muhoozi project. Kabuleta’s real crime is that he is already fighting tooth and claw to fully inform his fellow citizens of the Rwakitura Mafia’s designs of turning Uganda into a kingdom.

In Kabuleta’s Facebook post that was titled “Mafia Empire and the transition”, he came back to Muhoozi’s 45th birthday party, which he befittingly called an “initiation” for the son. As any Ugandan who is only rightfully concerned by the way his country is being governed, Kabuleta used his personal space to blast the so-called “Muhoozi Project”. He pulled no punches saying over his dead body would he stand quietly as an evil clique tried to turn Uganda into a monarchy.

Now, the state-sponsored minions on social media have at every opportunity jumped into the fray whenever the project comes up for discussion with assertions like “Muhoozi, like any other Ugandans has a right to vie to replace his father”. That is diversionary and Kabuleta could not have discredited this fallacy any better.

One of the issues the pastor raise is that state institutions are being used unsparingly to impose the inept Muhoozi on Ugandans. From the creation of a legion of officers within the ranks of the UPDF – who like Muhoozi have been promoted at lightning speed – to highly questionable expenditures for the military, everything is being done to pave the way for Muhoozi. What probably rattled the Museveni junta was the fine details which Kabuleta, using examples already in the public domain, used to show Ugandans Muhoozi’s inability to govern.

The former scribe couldn’t be allowed to publish another Facebook or social media post. They unleashed the kidnappers on him.

Kabuleta is not the first obviously. People remember what happened to Gen. David Sejjusa when he first expressed his uneasiness over the project. For Sejjusa it was pure luck that he settled for being cast into the politico-military oblivion that he finds himself in.

However, General Aronda Nyakairima, who was at the time the CDF of UPDF when the project was first mooted, was not that lucky. First he was disenfranchised and sent to become an inconsequential minister before he was silently eliminated.

Progressive Ugandans like Kabuleta should therefore brace for the same fate that has come befall anyone opposed to the Muhoozi Project.

In coming out of his shell, Muhoozi, whose stooges he recruited into the army have, like him come of age and are now deployed in senior positions of the security apparatus, will not spare any effort to quash those who stand in his way. He had banked on the misconception that he appeals to the youth – which explains his sudden obsession with social media.

However, that was before the emergence of the widely popular musician-cum-politician, MP Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine. Unlike Muhoozi’s illusions that he is popular among the youth – fed to him by the paid bevy of social media influencers – Bobi Wine is genuinely popular and has managed in just months, to galvanize the youth from across the country.

This therefore explains the unprecedented brutality he has faced since he joined the political fray.

This brutality is the work of Muhoozi, with the green light of his father, and they have deployed every trick, including attempting to bribe him (with hundreds of millions of dollars) to vacate the political arena. To his credit Bobi Wine has defied all these and is keen on staying the cause.

Running out of options, the erratic Muhoozi, according to information this website has obtained, has gone unconventional in his effort to eliminate opposition activists aligned to Bobi.

A highly classified dossier recently outed Muhoozi and his cronies for contracting a renowned Russian hit man to eliminate People Power activists using a highly efficient toxic nerve agent. Things will only get more dramatic.

Watch this space.


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